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International Crime and Justice. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge

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International Crime and Justice. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge


Week 5 Assignment: Create a document in Word that is formatted as an annotated bibliography. On the document, list four (4), varied sources you will use in your final career interest project. Be sure to provide the essential information for each source including author name(s), title of the source, and other details. Under the citation of each source, write an original paragraph of 3-5 sentences telling what is contained in the source (summarize when appropriate) and why the source could be relevant to your project.
Below is the career choice I chose and some information regarding it.
The career choice I take interest in is becoming a gang unit detective. As a gang unit detective some of my duties and everyday work load would consist of, monitoring gang members and their activities, developing intelligence resources that reveal gang objectives. I would be working with state, local and national law enforcement organizations to pull apart gangs, and seizing weapons and narcotics from gangs. Most career placements/ training would require me to have at least a high school diploma, but larger organizations may require me to have an associate’s or bachelor’s degree. I would also have to go through months of long training at police academy, which would consist of physical strength to learning defensive strategies. After completion of the require training and schooling the average starting salary $55,710 per year (Bureau of Labor Statistics; Occupational Employment Statistics; Detectives and Criminal Investigators).The salary in this career choice can be very different and can depend on a number of things one of major things that can affect the salary is location. I feel like this career would be exciting and be prefect after my military career


Week 5: Annotated Bibliography Name Institution Week 5: Annotated Bibliography Natarajan, M. (2010). International Crime and Justice. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge. The book has relevance to the modern crime and history of criminal activity in the case that it gives an introduction in the field from a global perspective. It is effective for aspiring detectives given that it offers the learning platform to weight and assess criminal activity. Additionally, it is relevant within the profession given that it gives insight into he modern day criminal structures and their advancing operational structures.


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