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International Baccalaureate Theory of Knowledge

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International Baccalaureate Theory of Knowledge


The essay prompt (prescribed title) is:

"Without application in the world, the value of knowledge is greatly diminished." Consider this claim with respect to two areas of knowledge. 

The ``Areas of Knowledge" are: 


Natural Sciences.

Human Sciences.


The Arts.


Religious Knowledge Systems.

Indigenous Knowledge Systems.

You must pick two of the areas of knowledge listed above and analyze the claim from the prompt with respect to the two areas of knowledge that you have picked. 

You must connect every area of knowledge to at least two ways of knowing.

The "ways of knowing" are:


sense perception.







Also for every argument that you make, you must present a counterargument and refute it. 

The paper must be no longer than 1600 words and the word count should be displayed at the end of the paper. Also the paper must be 12 font and double spaced. Work citation is not required, but if present, it must be in MLA format. 

The level of the paper is High school, but it should be compatible for the International Baccalaureate program and also to reach to the level of the 12th grade Theory of Knowledge course.


Theory of knowledge Student: Professor: Course title: Date: Theory of knowledge Theory of Knowledge basically entails critical thinking as well as inquiring into the process of knowing. In Theory of Knowledge, people examine how they know what they claim to know by exploring knowledge questions and analyzing knowledge claims. Without application, the value of knowledge is reduced considerably. I agree with this knowledge question. In this paper, this claim or knowledge question is considered with respect to The Arts and Ethics areas of knowledge. Each of these two knowledge areas is connected to quite a few ways of knowing including language, emotion, intuition and reason. The Arts Mini-knowledge question: to what extent is knowledge of the arts applicable in the world and how does it make it valuable or not valuable. This mini-knowledge question is connected to two ways of knowing: language and emotion. Art is found in every culture and it is essentially about an aesthetic impulse except for a practical impulse. In an art, the intention of the artist is an aesthetic response, which could be provoking or pleasing. Art is a conscious design and deliberate communication. Art has to be man-made; it cannot be man-found or natural. A work of art is of high quality which requires talent and skill on the part of the artist. With regard to psychological factors, given that human beings have similar perceptions in general, there would be universal responses toward a ...

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