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Interest groups

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Interest groups


Please respond to any statement at least 2 times within each solid lined box. Mark response in red so I can easily transfer. Each response should be at least 150+ words so respond 2x between each solid lined box. site sources, tubarian,arial, 12pt. font

PPIG77777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777New!  HYPERLINK "https://edge.apus.edu/portal/tool/24fd355e-8993-40c6-8f54-368fe7902fd5/discussionForum/message/dfViewThread" o " Re: Crawford - Week 7 - Interest Groups " Re: Crawford - Week 7 - Interest Groups Chad Patterson (May 22, 2014 5:46 PM) - Read by: 6HYPERLINK "https://edge.apus.edu/portal/tool/24fd355e-8993-40c6-8f54-368fe7902fd5/discussionForum/message/dfViewThread" o "Reply" HYPERLINK "https://edge.apus.edu/portal/tool/24fd355e-8993-40c6-8f54-368fe7902fd5/discussionForum/message/dfViewThread" o ""Reply" ReplyHi,I agree with you that collective action theory does not appear to work because people are selfish like you said in your post.  There are just to many free-loaders that take advantage of the system or complete refuse to take part in the system in order for it to continually maintain itself.  As for the “anti-vaxxers," one of my good friends is one, and both her and her husband have earned post-grad college degrees.  Not only does she avoid vaccinations for her two children at all cost, she makes her own medicines from all natural organic products.  In addition, she is obviously anti-flu shot too.  Her entire family was sick with the flu three times this year compared to my family that all received the flu shot being sick just one time, at the same time.  Nothing I say to her matters, as she will not listen to reason.I do understand how abortion groups formed from the "disturbance" of Roe v. Wadecase.  Am I not correct that the number of pro-life and pro-choice groups makes the topic an examples of pluralism as well?As for pluralism, I agree with you that  it is alive and well today.   You make a good point with the campaign limits being lifted will only feed the monster of political interest groups more and more with each election cycle.  I can only imagine right now what 2016 holds in terms of PAC`s advertisements.  The questions that I see down the road is do you see the law being changed once (or even if) the average voter wakes up to realize what has occurred while they were self absorbed in their own daily struggles?  Chad It is agreeable that most of the people on the collective action are just riding along and taking advantage of the rest of the group. For there to be benefits that can be shared by all in the group, there must be some sense of sharing. This means that everyone shares in the efforts as much as they want to get a share of the benefits accruing. As such, the system is not going to self maintain if the parties involved are not ready to bear the struggles associated and only want to come in when all the other members have spent their energies. This pretty much relates to the tragedy of commons and for there t be some form tranquility, there should be rules and schedules, dictating the responsibilities that be bo...

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