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Injury Prevention Case Study

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Injury Prevention Case Study


Mohammad Albassam


 My main goal for the upcoming is to go back and play squash as a weekly sport. Before coming to college, during high school and middle school. I used to play squash for a famous club in Kuwait. After I turned 18, I started developing back pain so I stopped playing. Then I moved to the US for college and for the past 5 years I haven’t practiced this sport at all. I have lost my athletic stamina and endurance. Also, I started smoking cigarettes daily. This has definitely ruined my health. In order to get back to squash. I started to decrease the amount of cigarettes I smoke everyday and I’m considering joining a gym to start working out and gaining back my physical ability to play the sport I loved to play.



Exercise Barriers:

 My main problem with every exercise or going to gym is laziness and maintaining my exercise at a daily or at least 3 times a week. I always start going everyday and then gradually stop going. In order to stop this problem that has continually been affecting me is to cheer up myself and have a more positive attitude. Since I have goal set now. I will really put all my effort and focus into it.


Injury Prevention:

 The main thing to do is to be warmed up and ready for any exercise. In addition, I have to chose a special athletic shoes that matches my body and gives me comfort during my workout. Also, I have to take breaks between each workout and rest as much as possible to prevent any injury. Also having pre and post workout proteins/bars to help my body reach its maximum benefit. With that ai will be able to go back playing at my best shape.



F: M/W/F. From 1pm to 3pm. At Fit Athletic Gym. Located in Downtown

I: 100-120

T: half an hour between each workout

T: bicycle, steps, treadmill, swimming and light weights



Mohammad Albassam Goals: My main goal for the next few weeks is to be able to play squash regularly. I realized that I let myself go the last few years – I stopped playing squash and I even started smoking. My current lifestyle has led me to lose much of the athletic stamina and endurance that I deve


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