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Indonesian Politics: Development of Film Industry Indonesia

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Indonesian Politics: Development of Film Industry Indonesia


Assignment Instructions
Write an essay (2500 words) in response to ONE of the following six topics:
1. During the Suharto era, media and the arts were subject to government censorship. How have changes in Indonesia since 1998 transformed the situation for media and cultural practitioners? Has real freedom of expression been achieved? In your answer, refer to specific examples from a range of media.
2. A significant amount of Indonesian literature since 1998 has dealt with issues associated with gender and sexuality. How is the treatment of gender and sexuality in this literature different from literature prior to 1998? Why do you think might this be the case? In your answer, refer to detailed examples from Indonesian literature both before and after 1998.
3. Discuss some of the influences upon the development of the Indonesian film industry. How have these influences impacted upon the films viewed by Indonesian audiences? What has changed since 1998?
4. How is modernisation presented in the following four stories from Hill (1998): ‘The Factory’, ‘Matias Akankari’, ‘Jakarta’, and ‘Coming Home’? In your opinion, are the writers “constructing” tradition as a reaction against modernity?
5. Cultural expression in Indonesia often takes the form of social criticism. Describe various ways that this has occurred in Indonesian arts, using detailed examples, and analyse how this reflects developments in Indonesian society.
6. One of the notable trends in Indonesian popular culture since the fall of Suharto has been the rise of Islamic pop culture – that is, popular music, books, films, TV shows and other forms of media or popular cultural expression containing themes, messages or storylines that engage with issues of religious belief, teachings or morality. Discuss some of the themes explored in Islamic pop culture and analyse how these relate to contemporary developments, issues or debates in Indonesia. In your answer, give detailed examples from a number of different media.
Assessment criteria for this Assignment (Essay)
Your essay must:
•respond directly to the topic you choose;
•be based on wide reading (not just the required readings for relevant topics) and include complete reference and citation details;
•be well-organised (introduction, body, and conclusion, with a logical structure and argument);
•be well-presented (and free from errors of spelling, grammar and punctuation).
When you read the list of essay topics you will see that each one fairly clearly relates to material and issues discussed in one of the weekly topics. However, this does not necessarily mean that you should only draw on material from that topic to answer your essay. Some of the essay topics are relevant to only one of the weekly topics; however, others allow, or even require, you to draw together examples or ideas discussed in a number of weekly topics and you should feel free to do so where you think it is appropriate.
Begin your essay preparation early. If you need to request books or photocopies from the Dixson Library, do so early as many titles are not available in multiple copies and you need to allow plenty of time for material to reach you. Any queries about this should be made directly to the Dixson Library.
Marking Criteria
All essays will be marked using the criteria table below.
•Did the student introduce the topic?
•Did the student describe how the topic would be discussed?
•Did the student justify his/her approach 
(if necessary)?
•Did the student deal with any definitional problems 
(if necessary)?
•Did the student set out a clear thesis or argument that addresses the topic directly?
•Did the student make relevant arguments that address the topic directly?
•Were the student`s arguments adequately supported by appropriate evidence?
•Did the student provide sufficient detail?
•Were the arguments structured in a logical, flowing manner?


Development of Film Industry Indonesia Name Institute of affiliation Date Development of Film industry in Indonesia The film industry in Indonesia has been influenced by various factors. The factors have changed the film production industry either positively or negatively. Studies show that the factors range from the government`s influence, the preference of citizens, influence by the colonialists and support by media. The film industry at the beginning faced many challenges that affected the development of this industry. The initiatives by the government, the filmmakers and the citizens of Indonesia have joined forces to gap this problem which at the end turned successful. The film industry has had tough times in the past as compared to the present. During President Suharto’s reign, the film industry was under strict rules and regulations. In the nineties, the film industry plummeted to almost a standstill, hardly producing films anymore. According to the research conducted, the analysts linked the fall of the Industries in the rising number of movies to the spread of private television, which was legalized in 1987. The paper explores the history of cinema, the factors that have influenced the development of Indonesian film industry, how the factors impacted upon the audiences’ choice and the changes that happened since 1998 as discussed below (Clark, 2008). Cinema History in Indonesia The Cinema came into existence in Indonesia und...

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