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Income Discrimination Between Men and Wemen

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Income Discrimination Between Men and Wemen


The Question:

Write Persuasive essay about the gender pay gap between men and women in the workplace. Please check the structure section. You must reference at least eight (8) academic reliable sources.(must be academic journal articles)

I want you to discuss the following three aspects:

1- First argument: the Direct discrimination toward women, which is the main reason of gender pay gap. It occurs when individual of the same qualifications and competences have different pays.(prove)

2- Human capital and social preferences: in this part, I want you to follow the below argument and support it with evidences;

Studies suggest that that pay differences between men and women are simply a matter of personal choices of human capital, for example: educational choices: men tend to go in field like engineering, while women on the other hand tend to go in the fields like social sciences and psychology and to nursing which lead them to a lower salary comparing to men. However, Some study tried to control educational factors and have shown that if you take men and women with same experience same knowledge same education and same career path what you find is that women still paid less than men and there is always a pay gap between them.

3-the lack of government legislations to protect women’s from gender pay gap and income discrimination 


Structure Section:

you have to use the Persuasive Essay style, the detailed explanation is bellow: 

The persuasive essay required here is an exposition, including the following stages: 

1- Background: Brief introduction to the issue contextualizing the problem 

- Thesis: States the author’s position (includes scope, stance & conclusion) 

2- Body: argument: 

You should have each body paragraph the following: 

- An issue open in debates 

-Your position on the issue and your reason for that position 

-Evidence to support your reason.e.g: statistics expert opinion or research 

3-Conclusion Thesis Reinforcement: 

-Over statement of thesis in different words 

-very brief summary of the main points 

-Strong final comment 

-Recommendation and prediction. 

The essay will be written for a specialist, academic audience and will identify a recommendation in response to the social inclusion issue topic (including three main arguments supporting your thesis). 

You must reference at least eight (8) academic reliable sources and demonstrate the ability to synthesise information and views from a variety of perspectives to produce a coherent, well-supported recommendation 


00036641: Legislations as solution to gender pay gap Name Course Instructor Date The argument that women merely make less because of their choices and not discrimination overlooks the reality that women still receive less when they have similar experiences to men. Even though, women receive less pay by being concentrated in some low paying jobs, while doing similar jobs to men they are paid considerably less amount. Legislations to reduce the gender pay gap have been proposed as likely solutions to the problem. The problem of gender pay gap has multiple sources, and supporting initiatives to ensure there is no gender-based pay discrimination is necessary. Having affordable access to healthcare, allows the women to contribute in the workplace equally to their male counterparts, while they have a better work/life balance. Conservative


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