Jul 16, 2017

In Which Way Postmodernism Influenced Contemporary Social Theory?

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In Which Way Postmodernism Influenced Contemporary Social Theory?


1 page abstract

While composing answer please comment on statement by Jean Baudrillard.

Jean Baudrillard

The postmodern is a characeristic of universe where there are no more definitions possible. The extreme limit of these possibilites has been reached. It has destroyed itself. It has deconstructed its entire universe.So all that are left are pieces. All that remains to be done is playing with pieces.Playing with pieces-that is the postmodernism.(In: Best,S,. Kellner D. 1991. Postmodern theory critical interrogations. New york Gullford press

Start about crisis of modernism and birth of postmodernism. 

Mention about postmodernist Lyotard, Baurdillard and anti postmondernist J.Habermas. Habermas,s Unfinished modernity


How postmodernism has influenced social theory Student: Professor: Course title: Date: Abstract In this essay, a detailed discussion of the way in which postmodernism influenced contemporary social theory is provided. Social theory is considered as a research program and a generalized discourse, and ideology is a vital part of it. During the crisis of modernism, there were wars and revolutions in third world nations, and dictatorship rather than democracy was spreading globally. The theory of modernity was a deflationary set of beliefs after an earlier heroic age of drastic quest. Additionally, modernity theory gave emphasis the local, the personal, as well as the private. The theory of modernization ended in the sixties. Postmodern theorists for instance Lyotard bring together postmodern and modern discourses and understand the postmodern mainly as a modality of the modern instead of construing it as its radical other. According to Lyotard, postmodernism is essentially a social theory – an explanatory one – which has created other models of epistemology, science, family relation, social action, class, gender, and culture. The phrase postmodern serves in a number of contemporary discourses as a marker for the new and that which does not fit into the earlier paradigms. Post-modernism has created an extensive theory of society through interlinking the levels of process and structure, macro and micro, with strong claims as regards the past, the current...

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