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Improving Quality of Health Care Services

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Day 7 of Week 3: Improving Quality of Health Care Services


Improving Quality of Health Care Services - due by Day 7 of Week Three
Select one initiative used to improve quality and/or safety of health care. Summarize the initiative and provide your views on the effectiveness of this initiative and how it can be improved. 
Write a 2- to 3-page paper using the following guidelines and evaluation criteria. Use a minimum of five references from the professional nursing literature in the assigned course readings and other references in the Walden Library. If they are relevant, you may use one or two professional web sites in addition to the literature references.
Begin the paper with a brief paragraph that provides an overview of the assignment and its purpose. There is no separate heading for this paragraph; the heading is the same as the title of the paper. This will be about 2-3 sentences. The last sentence in this paragraph is a sentence that begins "The purpose of this paper is to ¨. This paragraph is worth 20 points.
Use the following headings for the rest of the paper.
A quality and/or safety initiative - 20 points
Describe a quality and/or safety initiative currently being used in any health care setting. This will be a one-paragraph overview of the main points of the initiative.
Reasons for the initiative - 40 points
Discuss at least two reasons supporting why this initiative was developed. This will be one paragraph discussing each of the two reasons.
Strengths and limitations of the initiative - 40 points
Discuss one strength and one limitation of the initiative in having an impact on the quality or safety of health care. This will be one paragraph for the strength identified and one paragraph for the limitation.
Role of nursing - 20 points
Discuss a contribution that nursing could make to improving the effectiveness of this initiative. This will be one paragraph.
Summary - 10 point
Provide a one-paragraph summary of the main points in the paper.
Proofread your paper as described in the tips for success in this course and correct any typos, grammar, spelling, punctuation, syntax, or APA format errors before submitting your paper in the Dropbox. You can have up to 30 points deducted from your grade for this assignment for these types of errors, or for not using at least the minimum number of required professional literature references.
Total points for assignment = 150 points.


Improving Quality and Safety in Health Care Name Institutional Affiliation Improving Quality and Safety in Health Care Patients-centered care is one initiative that, if implemented effectively in a medical facility, can significantly upgrade the safety and quality of health care services. The widely acknowledged dimensions of the action are the physical comfort, care coordination, respect and emotional support. The paper provides a brief summary of a patient-centered initiative, its usefulness and how it can be enhanced to promote the patient care practice. A Quality and Safety Initiative A patient-focused care initiative entails a broad range of thoughts and concepts related to the delivery of medical care. It involves ideas such as communication between doctors and patients dur


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