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Immigration reform

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Immigration reform


With the midterm elections coming up, the political parties are taking different positions on various issues. Explain the positions taken by each of the major parties on Immigration reform, raising minimum wage, health care and allegations of voter suppression. Explain the substance of each of the four issues and the reasoning each party uses to justify the stance it has taken. To complete your paper, suggest which positions you believe are in the best interest of the country and your resins why you take that view. (I live in California, I consider myself to be in low-mid economical class)

Name:Course instructor:Course:Institution:Date:The mid-term elections of 2014 are coming up, and the major parties are all vying for the votes of the electorate. On the timeline to the elections, several issues have come up for discussion. These issues are vital in the attempts of the parties to influence the votes of the electorate. The paper seeks to explore four of the issues, which include, the healthcare reform, the minimum wage, reforms in immigration laws, as well as allegations of voter suppression. These issues will in large part influence the party that the voters will elect in the mid-term elections.President Obama proposed the health care law in 2009; it seeks to give better medical services to those unable to afford it. The law was proposed to the floor of the house of congress as the affordable care bill. On the mid-term elections this year, Republicans have made their opposition to the healthcare law known. They have always shown aversion to the healthcare law since its inception. In the elections, the Republicans have launched a concerted campaign to paint the affordable care act as a failure. Republicans seek to use the issue to rally supporters to their side. The Democratic Party, on the other hand, fully supports the act and champions it as bringing affordable healthcare to the poor people who deserve it.The Democrats in congress have proposed an amnesty bill that seeks to give undocumented and illegal aliens the right to acquire citizenship. The bill has been unable to progress and has stalled on the floor of congress. On the issue, the Democrats seek to push an amnesty bill, which would give illegal aliens the right to citizenship. Republicans are against giving illegal aliens citizenship. Eric ...

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