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If you were the judge or a juror in this case, would you have agreed with the outcome? If yes, explain why

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Arson Cases in the United States


research a court case in which the defendant is charged with arson. The court case must have been tried within the United States. Also, there must have been an actual trial; plea bargains or other truncated cases are not appropriate for this assignment. You must attach the case along with your paper in WebTycho as part of this assignment. Failure to submit the actual case will result in a lower grade. In completing the assessment, use information from the text, supplemental readings, videos, classroom conferences/discussions, and external sources, including electronic and print sources. Use either American Psychological Association (APA) guidelines or Bluebook citation format. Please be cognizant that, when using sources not normally considered scholarly, e.g., videos, television programs, and newspaper and magazine articles you will be held responsible for determining their scholarly value. The required sections of the paper are as follows: I. Elements of the crime. Identify and discuss the elements of the crime, as the prosecution proved them. II. Defenses claimed by the defense. Identify and discuss any defenses claimed by the defendant. III. Constitutional protection issues. Identify and discuss any constitutional protection issues (e.g., Miranda warnings, search and seizure). IV. Case brief. Use the required formula: 1. Title and citation 2. Facts of the case 3. Issues 4. Holding (the final decision) 5. Reasoning (how the court arrived at this holding) 6. Analysis (how the facts of the case meet the legal criteria for prosecution) V. Your judgment. If you were the judge or a juror in this case, would you have agreed with the outcome? If yes, explain why; if no, explain why. Format Requirements Paper should be between six and ten pages (1,500 to 2,500 words) Double space 12 pt. font 1" margins Use APA citations for all sources Include APA reference page (not included in word count) Additionally - Create a cover page for your assignment (not included in word count) Include your name Course title and number Project title I WILL NEED THE CASE THAT WAS USED AS I HAVE TO SHoW THE CONTENTS OF THE CASE ALONG WITH THE PAPER. Thank you very much.

Arson CaseName:Institution:IntroductionArson cases are the most ineffectively prosecuted criminal cases in the United States. Although arson cases are the least often crimes that go to trial, they leads to the largest dollar loss in America. They surpass losses caused by all burglaries, armed robberies and theft combined. Nationally, the arson cases clearance rate is under 10% and conviction rate in relation to incidence occurrence is under 1 %. Statistics show that an arsonist is 99% likely to escape conviction for the crime they committed (Schmallege, 2010). This means that the statistical probability of an innocent person being convicted for crime they did not commit is also very high. This paper examines an arson court case tried within the United States and executed in 2004, the elements of the crime including the defenses claimed, constitutional protection issues of the case and the judgment made are captured in this case. Recommendations on the judgment that were made on the case is also highlighted.The CaseNo. 00-00-24467-CRThe State of Texas vs Cameron Todd WillinghamIn the 13th Judicial District of Navarro County, Texas.AppearancesMr. John H. Jackson and Mr. Allan J. Bristol As first and second assistant district respectively for attorney Navarro County, Texas, Appearing for the State of Texas.Mr. David H. Martin and Mr. Robert C. Dunn as Attorneys at Law Appearing for the DefendantElements of the crime.On the 20th day of august 1992, the above and entitled cause was heard for trial in the said court where Honorable Kenneth A. “Buck” Douglas was the presiding judge and the following proceedings ensued (The Just Science Coalition, 2010).The FireOn December 23 1991, the Willingham home located in Corsicana, Texas where Willingham shared with his wife caught fire. Willingham who was asleep at the time the fire started survived with minor injuries but his three daughters Kameron, Karmon and Amber perished.On December 24, 1991, initial investigation...

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