Jul 16, 2017

Identify two Evidence Based Practice nursing model Stetler and Hopkins models

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Identify two Evidence Based Practice nursing model Stetler and Hopkins models


Identify two Evidence Based Practice model: John Hopkins and Stetler

Explain how you will use each selected model to direct your research utilization project : Delirium in the ICU, Early Detection.

The paper consistent with APA guidelines. Include a minimum of 4 peer reviewed journal article references from the University Library or google scholar and 700-1,050 words. 

Note: the peer reviewed journal articles needs to be from 2009 to 2015.

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Evidence-Based Practice Nursing Model: Stetler and Hopkins Models Name Institution Stetler and Hopkins Models Introduction One of the most vibrant disciplines in human beings is health care, and a lot of money is spent on sophisticated research in order to improve this field. There are new and modern medicines, procedures and medical devices that are invented to give better services to people (Son, Song, Park, & Kim, 2014). Evidence-based practice is one of the popular techniques being used to handle the issues that occur in the clinical field and provide better services for patients. This technique demands the nurses to make use of credible evidence and apply it to varied situations as noted by Hain & Kear, (2015). This is done through the use of clinical judgments and consideration of the system resources and the values of the client. This paper describes the two evidence-based practice nursing models, Stetler and Hopkins and how each model can be used to direct research utilization in delirium in the ICU and early detection. Models used in Evidence-Based Practice Goode & HYPERLINK "http://0-web.ebscohost.com.alice.dvc.edu/ehost/viewarticle?data=dGJyMPPp44rp2%2fdV0%2bnjisfk5Ie46bZMsKy2T7Ok63nn5Kx95uXxjL6qrUmzpbBIr6ueSrirt1KvqJ5Zy5zyit%2fk8Xnh6ueH7N%2fiVbOvtEquq7VJt5zqeezdu33snOJ6u9fugKTq33%2b7t8w%2b3%2bS7Sa6mtVCur65QpNztiuvX8lXk6%2bqE8tv2jAAA&hid=4112


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