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Advanced Criminal Justice Studies (CRJU 485/001)

Requirements for Essay # 1


You will be graded on the following essay components. Please use the underlined words as subheadings. Your paper should be 5-7 pages.  No less than 5 full pages.


  1. Title page (2 points)
    1. See APA handout


  1. Statement of problem you plan to study (6 points)
    1. Clearly explain and define the problem/issue you plan to research
    2. Clearly state the research question


  1. Estimates of the extent of the problem (25 points)
    1. Describe the nature and scope of the problem. You need to provide evidence that the number of cases, or rate, of the problem is widespread and/or increasing. It would be helpful that the estimates are as recent as possible. You need to provide specific numbers and or rates (such as, with certain crimes, such as in the UCR, per 100,000 population). You need to say what time period(s) is covered by the data (for example, 2009) and the data source(s).


  1. Adverse consequences (35 points)
    1. What are the adverse consequences of your topic to individuals and society? Using peer-reviewed articles and/or government or organizational websites describe the adverse consequences.
    2. Be as specific as possible when you discuss adverse consequences—what person(s) are harmed and in what way(s), and/or how is society harmed?


  1. Limitations/weaknesses in the data (10 points)
    1. Based on what you found for number 3 and 4, what are some data limitations?  For example, is there an abundance of data on your topic? Or, is it severely limited? If limited, why?
    2. Additionally, discuss the limitation of the data sources used to describe the extent of the problem. For example, if you use UCR data to describe the extent of problem make sure you discuss the various limitations of UCR data (especially as it pertains to your research topic). Here, it would be helpful to use peer-reviewed journal articles or research methods textbooks (like Maxfield & Babbie) as citations.


  1. Spelling and grammar (10 points)
    1. Make sure your paper is free of spelling and grammatical errors (use spell check and grammar check).
    2. You will also lose points if I cannot understand one or more sentences (those sentences where I note in red ink, “Not completely clear what you mean here”).


  1. Reference Page (5 points)
    1. You need to have a reference list of your citations at the end of the paper. All of your citations should be in the text AND also in your reference list. Everything MUST be in APA format.


  1. Citations (7 points)
  1. A minimum of FIVE references must be used. You may use more than 5 if you would like. All FIVE references must be from credible sources. Credible sources include: peer-reviewed journals, or published reports on criminal justice, criminology, biology, psychology, sociology, political science, or related fields. Published reports can come from government websites (e.g., Bureau of Justice Statistics, National Institute of Corrections, etc.); and non-partisan research centers (e.g., Pew Research Center, Vera Institute of Justice, Urban Institute, etc.); and university research institutes. References should NOT include Wikipedia, newspaper or magazine articles or online abstracts/summaries of articles in scholarly journals, books, or reports. Students must provide copies of all references.


Points will be deducted for:


  1. Late papers: Papers must be handed in on the day they are due. Papers that are late without any documentation will NOT receive the same consideration as those completed on time as it is not fair to students who completed papers on time.


  1. Not using subheadings: Papers should include subheadings. Introduce the four sections with a subheading.




        Essay ComponentsPoints
Title page2
Statement of problem6
Estimates of the extent of the problem25
Adverse consequences35
Limitations/weaknesses in the data10
Spelling and grammar10
Reference Page5

The Hypothesis is just 2 lines and it is an answer to the research question which is: What is the relationship between Race and rate of incarcerations in the United States?

About the data file for each variable it is excel, table. Thank you so much

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