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Hunger Artist

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Hunger Artist


Guidelines/Requirements for Comp#1 ENG 113 1. Select one of the short stories form the required reading list for this class. The short story I picked was hunger artist. It is 6 pages that you will have to read. The readings will be attached and say hunger artist on them with the page number. 2. Pick a character from that short story and write a characterization. The character I picked was the hunger artist. Remember that a characterization deals with the traits of the individual not necessarily his/her circumstances. 3. You must have at least one primary source and one secondary source. If you have no author and no posting date, you cannot use the source. 4. Create an MLA formatted topic outline. 5. I recommend using the databases through the FTCC Library because anything that comes from there is an academic source. I am not going to use the ftcc library. However, make sure it is an academic source. 6. The paper must be at least 2 pages long and no more than 4. 7. It should be formatted using MLA 2008 or higher version. 8. It must contain a formal topic outline (also contained in Study Guides), a composition, and a Works Cited page. 9. Use The Little Seagull Handbook to assist with research or documentation issues. 10. The piper is worth 100 points and the outline is worth 10 points. 11. There is a sample copy of the gradesheet/rubric to be used to grade your paper in Study Guides. 12. Use the file “Manuscript Form” to help with grammar issues or punctuation of titles. 13. Acceptable and Unacceptable Secondary Sources, use the file.


All papers submitted must be double-spaced, 12 font, and Times New Roman.   Even if you submit your paper early, no grading will begin until after the due date.


   2.     All papers will have a topic outline, a composition, and a Works Cited page.  It is not necessary to submit any drafts.


   3.     Every paper should have a title.  Follow these rules for titles:


     A. Do not use quotation marks around the title, and do not underline the title.

     B. An exclamation point or question mark may be used if appropriate, but never use a period at the end of a title.

     C. Capitalize the first and last words of the title always.

     D. Capitalize any word that follows a colon, dash, or question mark.

     E. Capitalize every noun, pronoun, verb, adjective, adverb, and subordinating conjunction.

     F.  Do not capitalize articles (aan, and the) or prepositions of fewer than five letters—unless "Rule C" or "Rule D" applies.

     G. Do not capitalize the infinitive marker to—unless "Rule C" or "Rule D" applies.

     H. Avoid sentences as titles.


   4.     Indent paragraphs half an inch.


   5.     No extra spaces should be added between paragraphs.  Double space everything.


   6.     Place two spaces between sentences and after colons.  Place one space after periods (those that do not end sentences), commas, and semicolons.


   7.     Refer to any grammar handbook that uses MLA formatting for any other typing, punctuation, or spacing problems not covered by this manuscript form.


   8.     Because the title is not a part of the body of the paper, but rather a label put upon it, the first sentence of the text should be complete in itself and not refer to the title by a pronoun.

OutlineIntroductionGives an overview of the hunger artist.People are draw to the hunger artist, but the circus becomes more entertaining and there is loss in interest on professional fasters.Attention seekerThe hunger artist seeks approval, and appreciates when people are surprised at his small frame.The professional faster wants to be renowned for fasting even if he dies of starvation.DefiantThe hunger artist seeks to get people’s attention, even after people lose interest, he is unrelenting in his efforts to defy the norm.The character’s stunts seek to influence people to understand his troubles, even when people begin to doubt whether he is using tricks.Self –loathingThe protagonist is on a starvation missison to please people, and he is even put together with animals.The character does not protest his treatment just like the caged animals, showing he had a low opinion of himself.Conclusion This sums up the author’s characterization of the hunger artist, as an attention seeking, defiant and self- loathing individual. NameCourseInstructorDate...

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