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Human Resorces Planning

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Human Resorces Planning: Strategy in Finance


So this is team work, everyone has their own role my role is finance director.Please ignore other roles just do the finance director with the instructions.

Team Task

Purpose: To understand the impact poor human resource planning can have on an organisation.

Time: 10 minutes 

Procedure: Divide into groups of 5. You have each been allocated a role as part of the strategic planning team for British Airways.

After a disastrous bank holiday weekend, where poor workforce planning caused flight cancellations, which in turn affected thousands of customers, you as a team need to ensure that it never happens again.

Each person in your team is allocated a role, such as:

• Human resources director

• Recruitment and selection manager

• Training manager

• Finance director and

• Customer services manager.

You have identified the following problems:

• Staffing levels were too low

• More staff had left in the past year than had been anticipated

• There is lack of new recruits

• Criminal records checks are being delayed

• A new policy of absence management has been introduced

• You need wage cost stability due to industry pressures such as rising fuel prices and increasing competition.

As a team, develop a human resource plan that can help BA achieve its strategic aims without causing workforce dissatisfaction. 

Marking criteria for group presentation

1. Is the breadth of the content sufficient?

2. Is the depth of the content sufficient?

3. Is the message of the presentation clearly put / argued?

4. Is sufficient evidence given to support arguments?

5. Is there evidence of appropriate critical thinking?

6. Does the presenter put her own point of view in an appropriate manner?

7. Is the audience engaged – is their attention maintained by the presenter?

8. Is the response to questions and comment competent / accurate / adequate (etc)?

9. Is the personal organisation of the presenter adequate (e.g. managing questions, notes, props etc)?

10. Is time keeping managed well (enough)?

11. Is the presentation:

• Audible

• clear (articulation)

• does the speaker have ‘presence’ and adequate confidence

• is his/her posture appropriate

• does he/she make appropriate eye contact

• is the pacing appropriate?

12. Is the use of resources effective in quality, fitness for purpose etc:

• Power Point

• use of other resources?

13. Is the presentation well structured:

• coherent approach

• clear identity of beginning (summary), middle and end (conclusion)

• Well ‘signposted’ structure?


Finance Name: Institution: Course: Date: Strategy in finance The economy has in the last few decades been revolutionized to follow talent. As such much of the economy is based on talent. Companies are constantly looking for the best talent in the industry to join their teams and maximize their profits and reach among other aspects (Louch, 2014). It is for this reason that, human resources managers are willing to spend a fortune to poach on the best talented from their competition. In the airline business the difference between the leaders and the losers is the workforce resources that a company has. British Airways has suffered massive losses in the recent poor workforce planning, where one hundred flights were canceled, resulting in a loss in revenue to the tune of ten million Euros. As the f


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