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Human Development Knowledge Application Research Assignment

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Human Development Knowledge Application Research Assignment


To writer please use uk English no copy from any book or website because this work have to go though turnitin 
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Essay Title
Demonstrate knowledge of the main stages of human development that explains why TWO of the people in the case scenario are behaving in the way they are and provide suggestions for how health and social care practitioners might be able to advise, guide and support them.
The assignment should be in essay style format with an Introduction and Conclusion. The work should be referenced throughout using the Harvard style of referencing. A Reference List should be provided which contains all the references provided in the assignment from a wide range of source material.
Jill married Frank when she was 20 years of age and four months pregnant. 
The marriage has been a happy one with Frank being a very supportive and considerate husband.
Jill had a difficult pregnancy and birth with Sophie. She spent several weeks in hospital with pre-eclampsia and after Sophie’s birth Jill had post-natal depression for which she received medication.
It concerns Jill to think about how ill she was at that time and although she coped well then she does not feel that she can cope so well now with the recent diagnosis of a malignant tumour in her breast.
She has not felt emotionally strong enough to tell Frank or the children about this and plans to keep it a secret from them.
Patrick is 5 years of age. He is a bright boy who enjoys going to school and has made many friends. He loves listening to stories and has progressed well with literacy and numeracy.
Patrick always has his hand up to answer questions in class. His favourite lessons involve listening to stories and painting.
Just recently Patrick’s teacher has noticed that he appears to be less cheerful and when he arrived at the School with a bruise on his face Patrick was very reluctant to talk about it. He told his teacher that the injury was an accident and that he had bumped his face on the side of the bed. 
Patrick is too afraid to tell them that his sister got angry with him and hit him in the face. He loves his sister and she has always been really kind to him.


Human Development Knowledge Application Name Institution of Affiliation Date Human Development Knowledge Application Human development is a lifetime process of behavioral, physical, emotional and cognitive growth and change (Beckett, 2010). The process starts at childhood and proceeds through adolescent and adulthood to death. Study on human development is significant not only to the social scientists but also to psychologists, nurses, doctors, and any individual can benefit from the knowledge. The knowledge of why and how people grow and change can be applied to help people live to their full potential (Baron, 2003). Thus, forming practical application of the understanding this topic is the most important factor in the area. The case study reveals acquaintance of the critical stages of individuals’ development. Thus, explaining why the study characters are behaving in the manner, they are acting. The systems theory, behaviourism, hierarchy of needs and psychodynamic approaches are used to reveal the study traits and working solutions for the problems. In additions the models’ philosophies, knowledge of the field is employed to bring forward suggestions that can be used to solve the difficulties. Jill and Patrick are the study persons. Jill, a wife to Frank and mother to Sophie, she is suffering from a malignant tumour. Though the family has been supportive of her, she has opted to keep this secret from th...

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