Aug 04, 2017

Human activities that emit carbon dioxide do not cause global warming at all

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Human activities that emit carbon dioxide do not cause global warming at all

Assignment 2 (argument structure): Argumentative essay (5 pages, due Feb. 13) Put together a well-structured essay arguing something you know to be untrue. For example: A whale is a fish, or an avocado is a vegetable. More details: Chapter 32 of Moby Dick is an essay about whales. Specifically, it is a classification or definition essay. Your task is to come up with your own classification system (however ridiculous and unscientific) and to use that classification system to defend the thesis of your own essay. Use the chapter as a model to the extent that it makes sense to you to do so. I would point you in particular to page 117, where Ishmael lays out his thesis that whales are fish.
Name:University:Course:Tutor:Date of submission:Human activities that emit carbon dioxide do not cause global warming at allClimate change enthusiasts claim that human beings are the main cause of changing climate patterns through the emission of CO2 gases into the atmosphere. These arguments presuppose that natural causes only remotely affect the climate, and human beings are the main culprits. However, there arguments fail to acknowledge the historical change in climate patterns including the ice age. They also fail to offer explanations as to why variations in climate happen even during the same period of time. If human beings cause climate change then the prediction of climate would be easy when taking into account the level of human activities and industrialization throughout the ages. A look into arguments dispelling the notion that human beings cause climate change is necessary.Human activities do not in any way lead to climate change; case in point is the Sahara desert which emerged when there was little industrialization. The change in the orbit over time is the most plausible explanation for desertification of the Sahara. The change from a fertile land to a desert is widely accepted among scientists, which coincided with the change in the obit over time. A tilt in the earth`s orbit occurs after 41, 000 years in the range between 22 to 25 degrees (Herath). On the other hand, there could be a reversal of this process in which changes in the Greenland could lead to a faster tilt that would cause climate change. The belief that the sun is also a main cause of climate change appeared to gain more prominence with the availability of data suggesting that sunspots cause the sun`s energy to influence temperature on earth. In a study conducted by the Journal of Atmospheric and Solar Terrestrial Physics, there found out that there is a linkage between the sun`s energy and variation in global temperatures as quoted by (Herath). In essence, geomagnetic activity is the link between the sun and earth. Even though, the data available may seem inadequate, the link between the two cannot be ignored as having an impact on climate. In addition, chemical reaction is also a cause in climate, a rise in temperature cause many chemical reactions which in turn lead to climate change. Historically, the earth`s temperatures have fluctuated undergoing numerous cycles, with human beings having little impact on the occurrence of these natural cycles (Paris &Paris 137). The change in the carbon dioxide levels has coincided with the ice age and warming periods which influenced these cycles. Thus, the rise in temperatures in our current generation is simply a natural phenomenon in the warming era. Equally, climate change enthusiasts are wrong in there prediction of the changing climate patterns as there is no predictable pattern to correctly forecast climate pattern. There have been periods of the earth cooling, but this has been ignored. In a report released by th...

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