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How would your life be different today?

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Sociology Role Reversal: Imagine Essay


Sociology 101: Prompt for the Role Reversal Imaginative Essay: Please develop a creative and well detailed 4 page paper addressing the following topic. Imagine yourself as the complete opposite. For example, if you are male, please imagine your life as a female or vice versa. If you are heterosexual, please imagine your life as a homosexual or vice versa. Please select an ethnicity other than your present ethnicity. I would also like you to place yourself in a different socioeconomic group. This means if you are lower class/middle class, imagine yourself as very wealthy or vice versa. After placing yourself in each of these situations, please address the following two questions: 1.) How would your life be different today? 2.) What are some of the positives and negatives of belonging to this new group? Format Guidelines: 4 pages. 12 point Font Times New Roman 1 inch margins. If needed you can use my Sociology power-point class presentations and the class textbook to help you explain your thoughts although a Work`s Cited page not required. Notes from Student to Writer: I`m a male therefore in the essay I would have to imagine myself as female. I`m a heterosexual therefore I would have to imagine myself as homosexual. My ethnicity is Hispanic as I was born in Guadalajara, Mexico and raised in Los Angeles, United States. For ethnicity you can choose the other ethnicity on behalf of me but if I had to select a different ethnicity I would probably choose between White ethnicity or Asian ethnicity. My socioeconomic group is in lower class therefore I would like to imagine myself in the wealthy high class. As for how to answer questions 1 and 2... you can use the information I provided you in my notes section above. Also just in case you need more information... the Power-point presentations for Sociology 101 can be found on the professor`s website here: http://albertopimenteljr.weebly.com/courses.html The Sociology 101 textbook for this class is called: "Sociology: Concepts and Applications in a Diverse World" by Thomas J. Sullivan, 8th edition. Chapters 1 through 8 are from pages 1 through 237. The ISBN is: 0-205-62806-0

Name:Instructor:Course:Date:Sociology: Role ReversalSociology studies human behavior in terms of how people interact with each another. It is clear that people seek achievement and success in life but this is largely influenced by their affiliations to a certain social groupings. Even so, many social inequalities stand in the way of different sets of people in terms of education, employment and access to healthcare among others. Such include differentiations and stratification concerning race, gender, ethnicity and even sexual orientation.Furthermore, the modern-day society has transformed into complex social settings involving status in terms of both politics and economics. I am a Hispanic American, born in Mexico and belong to the lower socioeconomic group. I am a young male of straight sexual orientation. In this essay, I reflect upon how my life would be if I were a white female of high-class (wealthy) status and of homosexual orientation. All through my life, it has not been easy accessing services and privileges that the middle or high class of people deem basic such as serviceable and or attractive housing, transport and healthcare to mention a few. Nevertheless, I have had consistent but basic education opportunities, being able to attend university. Being Hispanic has contributed greatly to social inequality, which I (and fellow members of my community) have experienced firsthand. I feel that Whites are more inclined to gaining more opportunities for growth and development compared to other ethnic groups in America. I also agree with Karl Marx’s philosophy that social stratification (in terms of color/ race, gender and sexual orientation) is a thing passed down from generation to generation in a consistent form.To begin with, as a white female of a wealthy background, I would have very different social traits in terms of values, eating habits, clothing and overall lifestyle. For instance, I would be eating out in expensive hotels and restaurants more, in the company of friends and colleagues from rich families. I would really value association and interactions with high-class people in the society. Even so, my time and space would be more organized as I would have my own apartment, car and other accessories and utilities to shape my relationa...

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