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How would the topic of the media article be understood given the theory you are employing?

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Analyzing Media Article


Please read all instructions. 

The purpose of this assignment is to apply your knowledge of a specific sociological theory in order to evaluate a media article. In the assignment you must display your knowledge of the basis of the theory and how it would be applied to develop a sociological analysis of a news story. You must write an essay. A list of bullet points will not satisfy the requirements for the assignment. You will be assigned a theory, article, and due date for the assignment based on your last name.


You are writing an argumentative essay. This means that you must take a position on a particular topic. Furthermore, this position must be consistent with the theory that you have been assigned. You may refer to the textbook, your notes, and the chart on the following page to help with your paper. Please include an introductory paragraph that describes your argument and how it will be laid out. The paper must also have a conclusion. There are five important elements that can be considered in this assignment. You can address:


-          How would the topic of the media article be understood given the theory you are employing?

-          How would the coverage change if it was based solely on the theory assigned to you?

-          How would the data presented be differently understood based on your theory?

-          What is missing from the story that your theory demands must be considered?

-          What concepts prominent in your theory would allow us to better understand the topic covered?


Please feel free to draw from class discussions but ensure that your voice comes through. You may organize your essay in relation to the questions above (one paragraph per question), but it must be presented as a single cohesive essay with a clear thesis. 


The essay must be double spaced, using 12pt Times New Roman font, and 1 inch margins. It must be no longer than two pages.



Evaluation criteria

  1. Paper follows all directions
  2. Paper is clear, organized and well written. 
  3. Paper engages with class themes/discussions. This is key. I cannot know if you understand a concept if you do not explain it to me.
  4. Paper has clearly articulated arguments.
  5. Work must be original and cannot have been used in another course. 

Analyzing Media Article Insert Name: Institutional Affiliation: Due Date: Functionalism is a sociological theory that concerns with how social order can be maintained or how society can remain relatively stable. Functionalism considers each part of society as important for the stability of the entire society (Brym and Lie, 2009). Different parts are the key institutions of the society, and each is organized to fulfill different needs, and each has specific impacts for the shape and form of the society. The article calls for the need to conduct a national inquiry to the murdered and missing of indigenous women. This matter not just an aboriginal issue; it must be considered by all Canadian


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