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How would Feminist, Social Conflict, Structural Functionalist, or Interactionist view this advertisement?

This paper concentrates on the primary theme of How would Feminist, Social Conflict, Structural Functionalist, or Interactionist view this advertisement? in which you have to explain and evaluate its intricate aspects in detail. In addition to this, this paper has been reviewed and purchased by most of the students hence; it has been rated 4.8 points on the scale of 5 points. Besides, the price of this paper starts from £ 40. For more details and full access to the paper, please refer to the site.

DynaKids Vitamins: Making Kids Stronger

This Paper is for my Sociology Class. ADVERTISEMENT ANALYSIS PAPER GUIDELINES The purpose of the advertisement analysis paper is to investigate the ways in which sex, gender, race, class, and other social characteristics are used in "lifestyle-based" advertising. Marketers use these categories, and many others, in an effort to link their products with desirable lifestyles, social groups, or social characteristics, such as ideal masculinity or upper-class luxury. This assignment request that students analyze an advertisement of their choice and use sociological concepts and theories to explain the major social concepts relevant to the advertisement. MINIMUM PAPER REQUIREMENTS: Your paper should be in sections with subtitles for the following criteria: I.e. your paper should contain subtitles for sections. Your paper will start with a detailed description of the advertisement. Your next section will be Theory and Concepts related to the advertisement; your next section should discuss who the target audience members are (discuss how the advertisement uses cultural norms etc. to entice the target audience); your last section will focus on the non-target audience (within this section, discuss is any cultural norms have been violated) and for the conclusion explain if you personally feel that the advertisement is effective in marketing the produce it is selling and explain why. • A description of your advertisement. o Within the description explain what the ad is selling as the product and what else the ad is selling in relation to or addition to the product. • An analysis of the ad using sociological concepts and theories. o How would Feminist, Social Conflict, Structural Functionalist, or Interactionist view this advertisement? • A description of who the target audience is for the ad. o Explain the target audience in terms of social characteristics. (I.e. social class, race, gender) o Explain how the ad is using social characteristics to target the intended audience. o Explain whether the advertisement is using cultural norms to entice the audience members or is violating cultural norms. • Description of the non-target audience for the ad. o Explain how the non-target audience may interpret the ad. Would the ad be offensive and does it violate any cultural norms? • Conclusion of the paper. o Summarize all major points made throughout your paper and explain if this advertisement is using effective marketing schemas in order to sell the product, explain why or why not. • This advertisement must include at least 1 academic source to support your theoretical connection to the advertisement. The advertisement or URL address of the commercial MUST also be-included EXAMPLE QUESTIONS TO USE FOR GUIDING ANALYSIS: 1. At what social groups is the ad aimed? What social groups are represented in the ad? 2. How would members of the unintended audience interpret this ad? (Hint: would individuals who are not the social group the ad is aimed at be offended, feel ignored, feel a sense of competition?). 3. Does the advertisement reinforce or violate cultural norms? If it violates them, what purpose do you think the violation serves? (Hint: Consider humor, appealing to an often-ignored group, appealing to the idea of rebellion?) 4. In addition to the product, what else is the ad selling? (Hint: Consider things like love, marriage, sex, individuality, freedom, sophistication, leisure and other desirables or values of society.) 5. How are social characteristics portrayed in this ad? (Explain how gender roles, lifestyles, social class, sex appeal, etc. are used in this ad as a means to entice the audience and sell the product.) PS: please do NOT forget that you can pick whatever advertisement you want or feel more comfortable writing about as long as you can apply everything stated above to it. Also PLEASE DO NOT forget to include the URL address where the picture of the advertisement is or you can just copy and paste it to a blank page. Thank You. If any questions, please feel free message me. Thank you. Please read through all of this VERY carefully and VERY THROUGH as you must follow everything step by step and it has to look very professional with EVERYTHING stated above INCLUDED(BY included I`m referring to the 1 academic source and the advertisement itself copied and pasted/or the URL/address/website with the picture of the advertisement so I can print it out myself. Also include the reference page. Thank You.
Student nameLecturer nameAdvertisement analysis paper10 march 2012DynaKids Vitamins: Making Kids StrongerSOURCE:  HYPERLINK "" http://www.cherryflava.comDESCRIPTION OF ADVERTSMy choice is a print media advertisement, vitamin products for kid, called DynaKids vitamins. The source link is; The ad communicates to audiences the product name DynaKids Vitamins; its use; make kids stronger and users; kids. It consists of two kids who are shown in a clear background looking up the sky to see a distant jet. The bottle purported to contain the product is placed at a distant far corner.The advert`s background also shows plain grassland, a clear sky, two kids looking into sky to spot a distant, a bottle at one far end corner with unclear text next to it.The love for children is another aspect being communicated in the advert which can be realized through improving their by performance. Playing and fun is being shown as the vital component socializing process in small children implied by the presence of playing kids, looking in sky is a form of fun.THEORY AND CONCEPTSSociological studies on food have shown that food consumption besides being a matter of nutrition is a symbol and a myth. A number of dilemmas relate to food culture, such as tradition, health, convenience, care and economic status (Rampnoux et al 34).Healthy eating among children is essential to avoid problems of childhood obesity and malnutrition among children who form the vital pillar of all societies. Ones risk to this chronic illness is significantly related to lifestyle and behavior and starts in childhood. Most interestingly, the study also shows that children are capable of learning what to eat and this has been seen in children who eat same food across different cultures.Food can be an effective means of power struggle in children as they eat to thrive well. Healthy eating especially in children has become crucial agenda in recent times. However parents can be influenced and surrender to children`s requests for food they prefer or decide to exercise their power, (Ra...

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