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How were the abstract ideas of interest measured?

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Critque News Article Using Statistics


http://abcnews.go.com/Health/researchers-uncover-halloween-caramel-apples-develop-listeria/story?id=34442427 --- must use this link for the paper. 

- Purpose of this paper is to be based off a recent new article (see above link)

• Must be in essay format (do not simply answer questions in bulleted form) 

• Do not use direct quotes must paraphrase 

• Use the link above to complete the assignment 

• You should be writing about the news article only, you should not find and summarize the research article on which the news article is reporting. 

• Use math subscripts when needed 

Paper must include the following sections and answers to the following questions. 

- Introduce the article topic 

- Identify what the articles goal appeared to be 

- Identify the research question or hypothesis 

- What was the design? E.g (experiment, etc.) 

- Were there independent/dependent or predictor/criterion variables? Why or why not? If yes, specify which variables are independent/dependent or predictor/criterion 

- Who was the population? 

- What was the sampling strategy? 

- What was the sample? 

- How were the abstract ideas of interest measured? 

- In brief, what conclusion did the author of the article draw? 

***If the article does not explicitly identify any of the things listed above, you are responsible to either a. infer what you think it is given the limited information and state how you made that inference and/or 

b. state what the appropriate item (sampling procedure, sample, etc) should be given the question of interest. 

- Discuss the statistics used or implied in the article 

a. Provide the correct name for the statistic (s) employed 

b. Define the statistic(s) employed. Generally, what information does the statistic(s) provide? (e.g. correlation tells you a relationship, not causation) 

- Discuss what the article did well

a. This can be theory- building, design, sampling, measurement, selection of statistics, interpretation, journalist, goals, etc. 


Critique News Article Using Statistics Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Introduction In an article titled Researchers Uncover How Halloween Caramel Apples Develop Listeria, Gillian Mohney describes how these bacteria could have developed in a delicacy that was not known to possess the conditions necessary for the growth of Listeria. In this article, the author uses examples of experiments carried out by certain institutes that validated the possibility of growth of the harmful bacteria in caramel apples. The purpose of this paper is to prove the relationship between a serious infection known as Listeria and a favourite Halloween treat based on an outbreak that led to mass infection and death. According to data available in the article written by Gillian, this paper intends to extrapolate how true this new event was. The goal of this article is basically to prove that caramel apples can indeed harbour Listerine bacteria despite beliefs that apples didn’t possess conditions that could encourage the growth of Listeria monocytogenes. The research question in this


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