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How to Improve Self-Knowledge by Tapping into Others Knowledge

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How to Improve Self-Knowledge by Tapping into Others Knowledge


The third short essay assignment asks you to revise and extend your thinking on a particular topic, by re- visiting one of your journal readings (Week 2 – Week 8) and crafting a longer, formal essay from the journal entry or critical thinking question(s).

To begin this assignment, you need to review the journal readings you’ve completed so far, along with your responses to the “Critical Thinking/Research” questions from Becoming an Active Reader (i.e., your journal entries). You will choose one theme/reading/idea that you would like to return to and expand into a formal essay. You are welcome to choose your own theme/textbook reading (perhaps a reading or idea you’ve found yourself pondering multiple times throughout the term 

Length: 4 pages, approximately 1200 words, plus a separate Works Cited page. Do not use a title page. Your essay must be typed (double-spaced) in Times New Roman, 12 point font. Follow the formatting guidelines as outlined in MLA 7 style guide.

Additional research using academic/scholarly sources may be necessary, depending on your chosen topic, so be sure to consult the Purdue OWL’s MLA 7 style guide to proper cite all entries


Name: Course: Instructor: Date: How to improve Self-Knowledge by Tapping into Others’ Knowledge The concept of self-knowledge has been debated over years by philosophers and psychologists with an aim of establishing the best way to enhance it. It is natural for one to think that they know themselves better than anyone else but in reality this perception is untrue. One may have a vague sense that others perceive them differently, but they might conclude that the difference between the perceptions is because the others do not know them. While one’s opinion about their personality may be accurate, it contains significant omissions that they are blind to. Getting an opinion from someone is always a wise decision because there are some aspects of one’s personality that may be better understood by others. Self-knowledge is important in determining one’s personality, but it is incomplete without the contribution of others opinions. Although some opinions such as those held by parents and close family members may be biased, it is wise to seek opinions from people who are close because they often have the best perceptions. In a bid to understand one’s personality, it is important to learn the various causes of blind spots that hinder objectivity in self-judgment. This helps in understanding the best ways to enhance self-kn


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