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How to Get Rid of Annoying Roommate

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How to Get Rid of Annoying Roommate


*Write a process essay. please go beyond the obvious content and/or take the usual side. *You will be writing a directional process essay or also known as how -to or instructional. *Also use sensory details and show the process don`t just tell it. *Include clear logical sequence steps, smoothly connected by transition tags. *Directly address the reader as YOU. *Do the introduction PRIOR to first body paragraph. *Steps should be clearly ARRANGED in time order. **INTRODUCTION: first use HOOK, second, use CONTENT, thirdly use underlines THESIS statement. **BODY: use three steps of the process in time order with transition tags. **CONCLUSION: sufficient summary and closure. further develop thesis statement in a future- oriented way. leave the reader with something to read about. NOTE B : please follow this instruction, specially the TAKE THE LESS USUAL SIDE, and SHOW DONT TELL. Use 3 steps in intro, body and conclusion. This is instructional / process essay.

How to Get Rid of Annoying RoommateName:Institution:Course Title:Instructor: Date: How to Get Rid of Annoying RoommateIntroductionOne of the social aspects of human beings is living together. It is common to find yourself living together as due to constraints on, accommodation space thus sharing a common room. Some people have annoying behaviors and this is made worse if you happen to share the same room with them (Yager, 2002). For instance, my roommate has the following behaviors that are absolutely annoying. He makes noise in the room, he is unclean, lacks cooperation, and argues over small issues. These habits can particularly jeopardize the relationship between roommates and continue to deteriorate with time. However, the challenging thing is how to get rid of such annoying roommates without necessarily making them feel offended or feel that you are sending them off. Therefore, it is important that you act smart, if you are to achieve the goal of getting rid of your roommate. There are different ways of ensuring that you achieve the objective if you follow some smart steps. This essay offers a guideline in three easy steps that you can follow to get rid of an annoying roommate. Steps To Get Rid Of Annoying RoommateEnsuring your annoying roommate is gotten rid of is started by making him feel inconvenienced while in the room by providing a disturbing environment. For instance, you can achieve this by ensurin...

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