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How to build a social media campaign?

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Influencing Policy Makers


The Session Long Project entails you going through the process of influencing policymakers. Under the Connecticut Health Policy toolbox resource, read the section on “Writing to Policymakers.” You will notice toward the bottom of that page, “sample letters” and “related articles.” Read these sections as you will use them throughout your Session Long Project. For this part of the Session Long Project you will be writing on “opposing a proposal” (see sample letter at the bottom of the Connecticut Health Policy toolbox resource). Write on opposing any proposal that is related to the category noted in SLP1. You may choose to advocate for change at the local, state, or national level. 1.Using the same topic as in SLP1, and the level you wish to write to (local, state, or national). 2.For this SLP assignment, you will be writing on “opposing a proposal.” 3.Choose one of the related articles on the bottom of the Connecticut Health Policy toolbox (different from the one you used for SLP 1). Describe the key points of the article (one paragraph) and how it relates to influencing policymakers (one paragraph). NOTE: LAST PAPER WAS CHILDHOOD NUTRITION 4.Write a one-page letter, that encompasses the information from the above 3 bullets (on “opposing a proposal”). Note: The SLP assignment is 2-pages long. The first page addresses numbers 1-3. The second page is a one-page letter on “opposing a proposal” and encompasses the information from questions 1-3 (see sample letters for guidance). Remember, your letter is on “opposing a proposal.” Required Reading: Optify. (2014). How to build a social media campaign. Retrieved on July 20, 2014, from http://www.slideshare.net/ArtilleryMarketing/how-to-build-a-social-media-campaign-15591263 (Note: Make sure you are on the “How to build a social media campaign” slideshow. Then scroll down the slideshow. There are 21 mini-slides/pages.) Connecticut Health Policy. (2013). The health advocacy toolbox: Writing to policy makers. Retrieved October 1, 2013, from http://www.cthealthpolicy.org/toolbox/legislative/writing_policymaker.htm Contra Costa Health Services. (2013). Preventing chronic disease: Launching a media campaign. The Community Wellness & Prevention Program, Retrieved October 1, 2013, from http://cchealth.org/groups/chronic_disease/guide/media.php Society for Public Health Education (SOPHE). (2010). Responsibilities and competencies. Retrieved October 1, 2013, from http://www.sophe.org/Responsibilities_Competencies.cfm (Also available in the Presentations folder.)

Influencing Policy MakersNameCourseCollegeTutorAugust 25, 2014Article: Visiting with a PolicymakerIn the article titled “Visiting with a Policymaker”, the author elaborates the significance of meeting with the policy makers in order to raise any matters of concern and forge good working relationships with the legislator. In order for a responsible citizen to contribute positively to bring change in the society they live in, it is within his duty to communicate to the policy makers and express his varied views and opinions concerning any matter affecting day-to-day lives of the general populace. Before making a visit to the policy makers, it is always important to ask for an appointment to minimize time wastage and inconveniencies (Connecticut Health Policy, 2013). After getting an appointment, the meeting place should be established to avoid interruptions and ensure that the legislator gets a gist of the whole meeting. It is always important to be accompanied by two or three constituent members as this adds depth to the message being relayed. It is always important to have factual information which is well substantiated to avoid second guessing and indistinctness. When an individual is well versed with the legislator’s professional background and his personal disposition it becomes easy to address him and also connect; this is always the best approach to minimize communication barrier. At the core of meeting wit...

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