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how the theoretical perspective can be used to explain/evaluate/analyze the newspaper article sociologically.

This paper concentrates on the primary theme of how the theoretical perspective can be used to explain/evaluate/analyze the newspaper article sociologically. in which you have to explain and evaluate its intricate aspects in detail. In addition to this, this paper has been reviewed and purchased by most of the students hence; it has been rated 4.8 points on the scale of 5 points. Besides, the price of this paper starts from £ 40. For more details and full access to the paper, please refer to the site.

Essay: Theory in Practice (25%)


Essay: Theory in Practice (25%)

Students are required to write a 5-6 page double-spaced paper that uses a sociological theory to explain/analyze a current event. The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate comprehensive understanding of the chosen theory by applying it in a modern context. 

Below is an overview of the assignment. The following page (see next page) provides a detailed outline of the essay assignment.

1. Select a newspaper article dated Jan. 12th, 2015 or later, from a mainstream newspaper, such as The Toronto Star, The Globe and Mail, The National Post. Do not use an obscure newspaper. 

• You must include a full copy of the article as an appendix in the final copy of your essay (staple your article to the back of your paper). 

2. Summarize the article.

3. Select 1 (one) sociological perspective discussed in the course that you think best explains the event sociologically. Use Structural Functionalism, Conflict Theory, Symbolic Interactionism or Feminism (must use specific branch of feminism). Describe the theory you selected in detail, 

4. Explain how the theoretical perspective can be used to explain/evaluate/analyze the newspaper article sociologically. That is, make explain why/ how the theory explains your newspaper article (hint: this will be your thesis).

Research Requirements:

o In addition to your newspaper article and textbook, you must incorporate at least one “scholarly” journal article in your essay. It may be used in any part of your essay. Humber has online collection of full-text journal articles. See Blackboard course site for instructions how to search for articles.

o It is also recommended to use additional online and/or print sources to assist you in, for example, explaining your theory in depth.


o All material taken from external sources must be referenced properly in APA style referencing – see handout on APA style referencing. 

Late papers:

o Late essays will be deducted a late penalty of 5% per weekday, up until a maximum of 50%. Assignments will not be accepted more than TWO weeks after the due date of the assignment.

Essay Assignment Outline:

This is a formal paper that must be in proper essay format. That means that you must include the following sections. 

a) Title Page

b) Introduction

• Explain what you plan to do in the paper and outline your arguments.

• What is your topic?

• Include the name of the author who wrote the article you selected, the newspaper that it was published in, and the date of the publication. 

• What is your thesis? (why/how does your chosen theory explain this article?)

c) Summary of the Article

• Provide a summary of the article

• What is the author’s main point?

*Note– you need to write as though I have not read the article. You must provide proper references here. If you do not, this is plagiarism. 

d) Explanation of Theoretical Perspective

• Explain the central tenets of the theory you decided to use in detail.

e) Application of Theory to Newspaper Article

• Link the newspaper article to the theoretical perspective you selected

• Be specific here and list specific aspects of the theory when linking the theory to the newspaper article.

• Include specifics from the newspaper article– you are applying the theory to the specific newspaper article, not a general issue. 

• Why does the theoretical perspective explain the newspaper article?

f) Conclusion

• Provide a summary of the main points you presented in your paper

• What is/are your conclusion(s)? 

g) Appendix

• Include the newspaper article here (staple it to your paper)

h) Bibliography

• List all of your references, including your newspaper article

• All entries must be in proper bibliographic form (APA style).

Helpful Hints

o Do not use slang, short forms, or contractions (e.g., don’t, can’t, won’t)

o Make sure you edit and spell-check your paper.

o Follow this guide while writing your paper (use subheadings).

o Look at the rubric while writing to make sure you have met all of the requirements.


Use of structural functionalism theory to analyze The Globe and Mail newspaper article Name Institution Date Introduction In this paper, I am going to use the Structural Functionalism Theory as one of the sociological perspectives to analyze one of the current events in the world. An article from the Canadian based newspaper, The Globe and Mail is what we will zero in on. The report dated January 12th, 2015 from this mainstream newspaper will be our point of interest. I believe that this theory best explains the event highlighted in the report among the other sociological perspectives. The headline of the article reads ‘Zambia pressed to reverse mining royalty hike’. It was published by one Mr. Geoffrey York. The thesis from my point of view is that Zambia must repeal the mining royalty hike. The theory that is chosen will comprehensively address this issue. It is because the approach appreciates the fact that the society as a whole is not only dynamic but also very complex. Therefore, it argues that the different systems in place should work hand in hand in order to promote both stability and solidarity in the society. The Zambian government should seek all the means possible to avert the situation in the country. It should put in place the measures at her disposal to enable the high tensions in the country among the copper mines workers and their families to reduce. The article tries to highlight how failure by the government of Zambia ...

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