Oct 16, 2017 term paper 2

How the New System will be Used to Improve Processes in the Club.

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Case study:

You have been employed as an analyst for a small start-up company specialising in web-based database systems using php/mysql. Your colleague has visited a potential client for a briefing on a new project. Details are unclear at this stage, however you have been asked to prepare an initial scope document as a starting point. Your boss intends to develop a budget based on the information in your document and then show the scope document to the client at the next meeting. You haven’t time to wait for more details, so you have been asked to make assumptions where necessary. These can be explored with the client at the next meeting.

Your colleague met with the Secretary or a small business and gathered the following information: The business has over 100 customers who have made at least one purchase in the past year. Customers whose most recent purchase was made over a year ago are assigned a membership status of ‘Inactive’. Other customers may have a membership status of ‘Current’ or ‘Frequent’. A ‘Frequent’ customer is defined as one who makes at least $100 worth of purchases in each of three consecutive months. A ‘Frequent’ customer is entitled to 15% discount on all future purchases. If a ‘Frequent’ customer’s purchases fall below $100 for two consecutive months their status reverts to ‘Current’. The treasurer would like to be able to print reports that list all members and their current membership status.

Currently, the business uses a paper-based system to keep track of customers’ addresses, telephone numbers – home, work and mobile. It is hoped in the future that the new system will be able to have customers access it remotely to update their personal details after validating themselves using their membership number and a password.


Another function of the system is to record the business’s stock items. Each item will have a status e.g. – in stock, on order, out of stock.  There will be an on line ordering system, so customers can order items online by logging in and filling out an online order form. The business would like facilities to enable customers to pay on-line.


The business would also like to engage in charitable work for the local communities and so, a Fundraising page on the website would be good to attract sponsors and raise funds for the good causes. It is suggested that potential sponsors and also customers who would like to take part will be able to sign up and access this page to make their contributions as well.

Another function of the system is to display advertising newsletters.


Your colleague forgot to ask whether there were different levels of ranking for employees, although your boss thinks this may be the case. It may be that different ranks have special access to different parts of the system.


Part 1

Choose a name and logo for your virtual club. Write 2 paragraphs describing the objectives and purpose of your club and how the new system will be used to improve processes in the club.
Part 2

List the major stakeholders that may be involved in this project.


Part 3

Choose two different potential users of the proposed system, for each user type, describe the user profile and give an example scenario of how they would use the new system (give step by step details).


Part 4

Write a paragraph titled ‘scope and constraints’ in which you describe at least 4 high-level broad objectives of the project. Also mention at least one thing that will not be included in the project as proposed (e.g. onsite testing, conversion of old data into new system, training)


Part 5

Prepare a detailed list of requirements of the new system, for each requirement, give it a unique REQUIREMENT ID (use numbers and/or letters) and present these in a table with ID in the first column and requirement description in the second column. In particular, focus on the online ordering system, the fees for invoicing and collection, and treasurer’s reports.

Organise your table to present two categories of requirements – functional requirements and non-functional requirements.


Part 6

Sketch a high-level draft concept of the user interface. At this stage, your design is concerned with what content would be on each screen, and how it would be presented rather than detailed layout. State whether you will use menus, buttons or input fields. At least one screen should contain input fields that require automatic validation. Clearly state what validation is required. Include a sketch and detailed description of at least 3 screens.

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