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How Long Can the US Be at War?

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How Long Can the US Be at War?


Analyze the theoretical and ethical reasoning to constantly be at war with Iraq/Afghanistan. Budget 2003-2015: Where there deficits before? What were the expenditures of the military? What was the taxation increase during the war? Human Resources: How does the Vietnam war compare to the Iraq/Afghanistan wars (draft)? How successful as using surrogate surrogate soldiers (Nicaragua 1980s;illegal funding of counter revolutionaries)?Drones/Hi-Tech Warfare: How many bombings per day? Does new tech mean robotic warfare? What is the cost of the use of bombs/drones? Body Count: What is the collateral damage (numbers)? Do the death of innocents radicalize the families of victims (ISIS)? Wehrey, F. M., United States. Air Force, Books24x7, I., & Project Air Force (U.S.). (2010). The iraq effect: The middle east after the iraq war. Santa Monica, CA: RAND. doi:10.7249/mg892af Beranek, O. (2012). Europe, the middle east, and the global war on terror: Critical reflections. Frankfurt: Lang, Peter, GmbH, Internationaler Verlag der Wissenschaften. Doran, C. (2012). Making the world safe for capitalism: How iraq threatened the US economic empire and had to be destroyed. New York;London;: Pluto Press.


Name: Instructor: Institution: Social Sciences Date: The Ethics and Practicality of the War in Afghanistan and Iraq The United States of America, arguably the world`s most powerful nation, and one of the most developed on the planet, has a rather curious foreign policy. The country has got a proud history that helped shape up its various forms of governance to achieve an optimum and widely acceptable form of internal governance that it enjoys right now, which has also made it the greatest democracy on earth. After achieving internal governance, the nation developed a new strategy to ensure global domination. This is the basis of its foreign policy in general. From the early years of the last century, the country has continuously tried exerting its influence over the rest of the world, as it tests its might over the other nations. Its watershed moment came during the Second World War, when it contributed significantly, to the defeat of Germany. This is what effectively ended the war. There is the other major war that America engaged in the Far East, the Vietnam War. Questions still linger on the reasons behind it, as the country sent thousands and thousands of soldiers in a never-ending war. There is, however, the later foreign engagements that the U.S has taken, which seem to raise quite a lot of controversy; the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Ever since the invasion in the early 2000s, the United States has realized very little success. Initially, it was t...

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