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how in the Middle East wellness is all to do with beauty and physical appearance

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International Resorts And Spa


I want to speak about how in the Middle East wellness is all to do with beauty and physical appearance 

And how in Asia it’s to do with the mind and the rejuvenation of the body. 

My articles are the following and you can add on it , minimum 2 articles 

[Accessed 1 Oct. 2014].

http://beautyworldme.com, (2014). Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre. [online] Available at: 


The coursework is an individual academic essay that provides a conceptual debate on the activities that influence the development of the resort or spa industry.

Select a topic of your choice based on the module content i.e. resort definition, resort ownership, services marketing: people, physical evidence or process, resort strategic management, resort sustainability, spa, or wellness. Research the topic and find an argument (two clearly contrasting perspectives). Analyse, assess, compare and contrast the different perspectives then give your opinion and justify it.

Please ensure that you link the contrasting perspectives you are writing about to relevant theories that support your opinion and its justification. You should not merely describe the perspectives but critically assess their influence on the development of resorts and spas.


In principle, an essay does not have or has a limited number of headings. It flows in a logical manner and includes an introduction, main section, and conclusion.

• Title page: Include the programme name, module name and code, essay topic/argument, student name and UoD number, lecturer name, and submission date.

• Acknowledgements: If appropriate, provide a page acknowledging those who helped you complete the assessment.

Page 4

• Content page: List the contents (Introduction, Findings and Analysis, Conclusion, References) and the page numbers they appear on.

• Introduction: In approximately 200-300 words provide the background, state the objectives and provide an overview of the content of the essay.

• Findings and analysis: In approximately 2000 words provide enough clarity and indicate the theoretical concepts that inform your findings and analysis.

• Conclusion: In approximately 200-300 words summarize the main points and state your opinion and its justification.

• References: Provide a reference list of all sources.

• Appendices: No appendices.

Formatting guidelines

• Use 12 point-size, 1.5 line spacing, and Arial font

• Spell and grammar check your text

• Reference all sources in the text using the Harvard Referencing System

• Include a reference list of all sources at the end of the report

Please name your file and title your Turnitin submission using your last name and first names only as follows: Charlet_Gilles or Peh_Lian_Choon.


Module Name: International Resorts And Spa Student Name: Abdulrahman Mohammed Jamjoom Argument: The wellness industry has been growing at a fast rate, compared to the rest of the tourism industry. At the heart of this growth are two major markets, which are driving the major changes and developments. The Middle East and Asian continent are the leading in the wellness vacation industry, but they are both leading different ends of the industry. The Middle East has concentrated on the beauty and physical appearance, while Asian markets are concentrating on mind and rejuvenation of the body. Class : BAHE1 Words : 2825 Contents TOC o "1-3" h z u Introduction PAGEREF _Toc417649090 h 3The wellness vacation industry PAGEREF _Toc417649091 h 4Growth of wellness in the Middle East PAGEREF _Toc417649092 h 5Wellness Industry Trends PAGEREF _Toc417649093 h 6Wellness industry in Asia PAGEREF _Toc417649094 h 8Wellness industry Growth PAGEREF _Toc417649095 h 8Industry trends in Asia PAGEREF _Toc417649096 h 8Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc417649097 h 10References PAGEREF _Toc417649098 h 13 Introduction In 2008, the recession hit some of the major world economies, crippling some of them such as a majority of the EU member countries. The global economy is highly interconnected and for those countries that did not suffer massive losses, business was slow (Beautyworldme.com, 2015). This was mostly the case in the hospitality sector. This sector relies on...

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