Jul 22, 2017

how each particular poem would be applicable for people today in modern society. What value does the meaning have for us today?

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Tao Te Ching


1. Read through the Tao Te Ching, an ancient Chinese text of wisdom from around the 6th Century BC. A simple translation of "Tao Te Ching" is "The Book of the Way." It has become a kind of manual for living for many people over the centuries in both the East and West. For our purposes, we will look at the "Tao Te Ching" with an eye towards simple interpretation. 2. As you read through the Tao Te Ching, choose three (3) poems which either interest or puzzle you. Note down anything that makes you interested in the poem. It helps to read with a notebook, or at your computer so you can take notes. You`ll refer to these notes when you make your posting. 3. Do the following: a. Write an interpretation of each poem you have chosen. Each interpretation will be about 200- 300 words each. b. Make sure you address what you think the central message of the poem is, in your opinion. c. Write how each particular poem would be applicable for people today in modern society. What value does the meaning have for us today? Each interpretation will be about 200-300 words.

Tao Te ChingName:Institution:Date:Poem 13InterpretationThis poem provides encouragement and a challenge for each and every person to develop an independent thought process and ignore things and situations that might deter one from attaining set goals. However, while Tao provides encouragement, he also provides this encouragement with a warning. Tao warns of the danger of being too fearful and being overconfidence especially regarding our abilities. Having fear may lead to the development of negative thoughts that are destructive and prevent us from achieving our life goals. However, overconfidence at the same time may lead as to destruction as due to a false sense of our abilities that often develops pride (Hogan, 2004).Tao also warns that success can be just as disturbing as failure because when one is successful he/she is often at the top of things, and it is so easy to come down when one is successful. It is always easy to stay at the bottom than at the top. Therefore, no matter what position one holds the ground is always shaky. Tao suggests that one should do what he/she has to do to be successful and stay successful. Tao suggests that we should be confident but not over confident, we have fear but not irrationally fearful. Develop a balance in life and know what our abilities are and use them to pursue our goals, and the rest will fall into place (Hogan, 2004).ApplicationIn today’s society being successful, is the focus of almost every person. However, some people due to their background or abilities feel they are entitled to be successful while others feel they are bound to be failures. These lead to development of irrational feelings of overconfidence and fear especially among the youths. Many a times its seen how individuals youths who have had good wealthy backgrounds loose all their money and end up in destruction through drugs and other delinquencies and those from humble backgrounds passing or underutilizing opportunities for success and remaining in the same state. The op...

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