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How does advertising reflect and shape the values of our society?

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How does advertising reflect and shape the values of our society?


Topic ----------------- How does advertising reflect and shape the values of our society? In “The Rebel Sell,” Joseph Heath and Andrew Potter state that “Consumption is not about conformity, it’s about distinction.” Do you agree with their viewpoint? Choose a specific focus (advertising for children or teenagers, body image, etc.) and discuss how in a capitalist system, one’s behaviour as a consumer can be affected by factors other than the price and desirability of a product. Research Essay, minimum of 5 secondary sources. Primary source = https://this.org/2002/11/01/the-rebel-sell/ 6 paragraphs - introduction, 1st middle paragraph (counter arguments), 2nd middle paragraph (pro argument 1), 3rd paragraph (pro argument 2), 4th paragraph (pro argument 3), conclusion Checklist --------------- 1. Does your thesis statement present the following elements: 1) your opinion; 2) your support for this opinion from primary sources (state two or three reasons); 3) your support for this opinion from secondary sources? 2. Are other points of view recognized and examined? 3. Does each topic sentence clearly state the main point of the paragraph and show how the paragraph relates to the thesis? 4. Do the topic sentences, when read sequentially, guide the reader through each step of your analysis and argument? 5. Does your paper contain four well developed middle paragraphs? 6. Does each middle paragraph include the following elements: a) a focused topic sentence; b) your own analysis of your primary source(s); c) two or more references to the primary material or specific examples; d) two or more references to your secondary sources? 7. Are the essay’s assertions clear? Are they adequately supported? 8. Does the organization of your paper further your assertions/argument? 9. Have you removed irrelevant material? 10. Does the conclusion restate the thesis, sum up the main points, and suggest a broader context or the implications of your subject? 11. Have you used five or more secondary sources to support your central argument? 12. Have you followed MLA style for citations and bibliography? (consult the handout “MLA Documentation (changes)” on Blackboard) 13. Is your source material (whether summarized, paraphrased, or quoted) presented fairly and accurately? 14. Have you rechecked the citations for all the sources in your paper? 15. Have you prepared an alphabetical list of your sources for the end of your paper?


Name: Institution: Instructor: Course Title: Date: How does advertising reflect and shape the values of our society? Introduction Advertisement plays a key role in reflecting as well as shaping our mass society`s values. The media representations, and ideologies have a strong influence on the society`s purchase intentions and consumption behavior. As such, many people view the media advertising as the predictor of almost all the aspects of the society. Contrary to the popular belief that the society is influenced by direct advertisement, indirect advertisement is also central to what people consider necessary or unnecessary. For instance, people tend to mimic the dressing styles of the celebrities as they are portrayed in the social media especially in the Hollywood movies. In a similar manner, some people often strive to have fancy cars and wear makeup just like the characters they see on their screens. To this end, one can conclude that indirect advertising is as important as direct advertising in terms of influencing and shaping the mass society`s values. However, the advertisement portrayals do not necessarily reflect the values of the society, but rather reinforces of what is expected of an ideal society. Particularly, the advertisements focused on body image have created two sch


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