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How do you ensure your organization delivers the best care, for every patient, every time?

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Baltimore County Department of Health and Human Services


The field report should provide at a minimum, the following: a description of the agency, an organizational chart of the agency, responsibilities of the agency, name and specific title of the administrator, interview of the administrator (indicating the questions asked), job description for the position, education of administrator, number of people supervised, and level of job satisfaction

This is the question that I ask and got answer use this to fill out (indicating the questions asked),

Education of administrator

2. Number of people supervised, and level of job satisfaction.

3 How do you ensure your organization delivers the best care, for every patient, every time?

4. How would you define a successful administrator?

5. Describe a time you had to compromise your ethics.

6. How do you keep up to date on new laws and regulations to ensure compliance?

7. How do you make sure that the goals of your organization are aligned from top to bottom?

8. What mistakes have you made in dealing with the medical staff? How have you learned from those mistakes?

Elizabeth I can send you the following information:

Della Leister, RN is the Deputy Health Officer. Health has 5 bureaus under Ms. Leister: Prevention, Promotion and Preparedness; Behavioral Health; Community Health Services; Clinical Services; Health Care Access. These are funded through federal, state, and county monies that include core funding and grants. There are approximately 800 employees. The satellite centers are based in the community and various other sites.

The Department of Health has just completed its Community Health Needs Assessment and it will be available in draft form in the next month or so. The Community Health Improvement Plan, or Action Plan, is being revised, as is our Strategic Plan. That is how we align the activities of the Department of Health with our community and population in Baltimore County. Ms. Leister has had a Health Coalition for over 3 years that has initiatives in 5 areas: tobacco prevention in adolescents and adults, low birth weight and infant mortality, childhood obesity, fall prevention, and reducing hypertension emergency room visits. These initiatives may change with our new information from the Community Health Needs Assessment.

We have a complex system of communication between the federal, state and county level regarding laws and regulations. COMAR and the Annotated Code of Maryland are the sources of most of the regulations.

Out Quality Improvement plan includes performance measures for each program in the Department of Health. Their performance measures are based on 3 questions: What are we doing, how well are we doing it, and is anyone better off. This is Results Based Accountability (Friedman). An example of this would be satisfaction surveys and reports.


Interview of the Administrator Name: Institution: Introduction The Baltimore County Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is the county’s state`s health care and human services provider. The department promotes well-being among individuals, families and the community as a whole by providing quality health, housing and social services. HHS is comprised of an administrative unit of the Health and Social Services Department. The figure below represents the organizational structure of HHS. The figure below is the map to HHS; Interviewing a Patient Administrator I was able to secure an interview with a RN who is the Deputy Health Officer at HHS. Her name is Della Leister who answered me all the questions I asked her. According to Della, the role of a patient administrator is supervising medical care, implementing procedures and overseeing personnel. They are also responsible for promoting and supporting the effective use of knowledge, information and technology within their organization. These are the questions I asked Della; 1 Number of people supervised, and level of job satisf


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