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How do they then translate to everyday life?

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The Fundamentals of Small Group Communication

REQUIREMENTS FOR FILM ANALYSIS ESSAY: THE HURT LOCKER The Book ISBN 978-1-412-95939-1 The Fundamentals of Small Group Communication Need to watch the Movie the Hurt Locker You will be conducting a thorough film analysis of the film, The Hurt Locker. You are to use the film in tandem with chapters 1-8 to articulate your understanding of the small group concepts discussed. You should be clear in your explanation of the concepts used from the text, adequately defining them and sufficiently pointing out how they relate to scenes from the film. I want to know how you see the concepts from the book played out in the film. How do they then translate to everyday life? You must make the information practical. What do the concepts mean to you as you apply them outward to a more pragmatic paradigm? This information is no good to us unless we understand what it means for us as we go forward. Make it relevant and explore how important all of this is as we engage small group work. A good essay will contain the following: 1. A creative and imaginative title. 2. An introduction. 3. The introduction must: gain attention; establish relevance, establish a bond with your learners, and orient the audience. The introduction should answer the following questions for the audience: Why did you write this and why should I read it? Who are you? What do you personally think and feel about the topic? Where are you going with this (meaning a good sound thesis with a preview of your points)? 4. At least (7) quotations from the textbook which amplify and explain the concepts you analyze in the film. You should be using something similar to, "The research suggests...," where you draw parallels between your film and small group theory and/or research. Direct and thorough references to the film should be made. 5. At least five (5) quotations from at least five (5) different, credible sources and a list of references in APA form. These should amplify and explain the concepts and processes you analyze in the film. You should be using something similar to, "The research suggests...," where you draw parallels between your film and small group theory and/or research. Direct and thorough references to the film should be made. 6. At least two (2) personal stories (war, heart, personal, horror, mythic) which connect your own experience working in teams with the concepts and processes you analyzed in the film. Direct and thorough references to the film should be made. 7. At least two (2) ideas based on numbers (percentages, statistics, etc.). Direct and thorough references to the film should be made (e.g. how many people do such jobs as the characters in the film, what percentage of people re-enlist in the armed forces, what percentage of vets struggle with acclimating to civilian life, what percentage of small groups engage in many do so effectively, etc.). 8. Transitions between the main points in the essay, the transitions will contain an internal summary, a spotlight or what should be remembered, and a preview of what is to come. 10. A conclusion. Each conclusion will provide a complete summary of the key ideas and a discussion of what your audience should take away with them. The substance of the conclusion should work on the affective level and move the reader`s emotions, ending on an emotional high point, with a bang not a whimper. 11. Your paper must include proper in-text (parenthetical) citations, and a reference page properly formatted in APA form. 12. Your paper should be in Times new Roman font, 12 point, with a 1” margin and should between 12 and 13 pages. 13. Your paper should contain a cover sheet with your name, course name and CRN, title of the paper, date (this does not count as one of your pages). 14. Your paper should be submitted in the assignment box as a word attachment. 15. Your paper is due on 12/28/2012 by 1 PM
In the Heart of Peril (The Hurt Locker)[Your Name][Institution`s Name]Title: In the Heart of PerilIntroduction“The Hurt Locker,” is a very emotional and touching script written by Mark Boal which is directed by Kathryn Bigelow. Covering the events, consequences and outcomes in the Iraq war, this film is perhaps the best known documentary, semi-action feature film from the American film industry. It has been commonly observed that the movies about war do not exactly end while firing up the emotions of the audience and take their threshold level to such an extreme that they burst out in tears but “The Hurt Locker” has such a quality. It leaves a cold pain through your spine and makes you realize the miseries and praises, fear and acceptance and denial and recognition of commercial death sentences at the same time (Mark, 2009).This review is prepared by following the key concepts and ideas which have been taught to us through book Fundamentals of Small Group Communication. It basically provides the student with fundamental concepts, skills, and practices to turn out to be an effective group associate. Keeping this in focus the movie Hurt Locker has been selected which revolves around team work and effective coordination leading to successful results. After reading this review it can be comprehended that how an individual contribution to any small group endeavour can be enhanced. This whole process leads me to learn the following three main aspects. First element is a small group communication procedure which transforms into group communiqué, group socialization and group development. Secondly it will highlight the unique qualities of each group member and its composite effect on completing the final product. Third this review will evaluate how the qualities of each group member can augment or detract from a range of aspects of the small group procedure in terms of group task assigned.The Hurt Locker is a 2008 American combat movie about a three-man Explosive Ordnance Disposal squad during the Iraq War. The film has been directed by Kathryn Bigelow and the script has been composed by written by Mark Boal. Mark was a freelance writer, who was then included as a journalist in 2004 with a U.S. Army EOD team in Iraq.Thesis StatementThe outcome of this research will be of academic importance exclusively and will produce background for advance studies on team work and proper communication in various environments. The foremost focus of this effort is to discover out the major obstacles in the improvement of the group activities and their expedition through the formation, normalization and conflict resolving stages. Based on the hypotheses we are preparing to test and inspect how the team communication develops with time and along with the team conversion from new to the recognized group with common objectives.Concepts Analyzed in the FilmThe Hurt Locker is regarding the lengthy, hurting endgame in Iraq, the asymmetric nightmare in...

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