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How do the professional ethics of social scientists compare to those of the military?

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 Ethics in Social Scientists and Military Professions


Prepare for your initial response to this discussion by reading the articles posted in this module. You are asked to compare and contrast the ethical concerns of the social scientist researcher in underdeveloped countries with those of the U.S. military in those same countries. You will need to find at least two additional resources, beyond what is in the module, to support your ideas and observations in your initial post of 250+ words. As always, use APA style for in-text citations and give complete APA style references for your sources cited.


•“Ethical issues in social science research in developing countries: Useful or symbolic” Author: Mollet, J.A. [PDF File Size 122.46 KB]

•ASA Code of Ethics retrieved from http://www.asanet.org/about/ethics.cfm

•Go to ogc.hqda.pentagon.mil/EandF/training_EandF.aspx and scroll down to just above the online link. You can download the PPT for the live training there. 

All posts and responses must comply with all Excelsior College policies, be polite and respectful, and contribute substantially to the conversation we will be creating.

After you have read the articles and visited the websites included in this module, compose your initial response to these questions based on your ideas and the resources you have located to support them.

•How do the professional ethics of social scientists compare to those of the military?

•There are special considerations when dealing with peoples from different cultures, especially in underdeveloped countries. How are the situation and ethical challenges faced by social scientists like and/or unlike those of military professionals working in these countries?

POSTING REQUIREMENTS: In your initial post (250+ words), you are to respond to the question but support your thoughts by including at least two references from academic sources that you have researched on this topic in the Excelsior Library and use appropriate citations in APA style. You can agree or disagree, but you need to explain and support your views with outside sources. This primary response needs to be posted by 11:59 PM on Wednesday.


Ethics in Social Scientists and Military Professions Name University Affiliation Ethics in Social Scientists and Military Professions Ethics is a set of principles and standards that guide professionals` responsibilities, duties and code of conduct. Most professional bodies make and regulate their ethics, though they tend to have the same compon


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