Jul 15, 2017

How do Barbara Ascher and Barbara Ehrenreich help us rethink marginalized communities such as the working poor and the homeless?

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Marginalized Communities


Prompt by the English Professor:

Using Barbara Lazear Ascher`s essay "On Compassion" and also Barbara Ehrenreich`s essay "Serving in Florida", write a well written essay in which you answer the following question: How do Barbara Ascher and Barbara Ehrenreich help us rethink marginalized communities such as the working poor and the homeless?

Essay requirements: 

Step #1: Your argumentative essay must have a minimum of 2 full pages and at least a minimum of 5 well developed paragraphs.

Step #2: Your introduction paragraph must include a very short summary of both Barbara Ascher`s essay "On Compassion" and Barbara Ehrenreich`s essay "Serving in Florida".

Step #3: Have your thesis statement at the end of your introductory paragraph.

Step #4: Include at least 1 quote for each of your body paragraphs that supports your argument.

Step #5: Your final paragraph must include your conclusion restating your thesis along with your final thoughts on your argument.

Step #6: Have a separate work`s cited page. 

Step #7: Your essay must be in Times New Roman Font with 1 inch margins all around.

Notes from me the Student:

My both sources are found in my English class book which is called "50 Essays: A Portable Anthology", 4th Edition, by Samuel Cohen. Here is the ISBN 1-4576-3899-1

Barbara Lazear Ascher`s essay "On Compassion" is located from pages 46 through page 48.

Barbara Ehrenreich`s essay "Serving in Florida" is located from pages 129 through page 138. 

I sent attachments with pictures of both essays.


[student’s name] [professor] [course] [date] Rethinking Marginalized Communities: The Poor and the Homeless For a country called “the land of the free”, the United States, in its smallest units, has proliferated injustice and inequality. The Occupy Wall Street movement helped bring to our attention to the reality of the 99%. For me, however, the problem is not that the rich are continually getting richer, and the poor and marginalized are continuously being exploited to serve the rich. The problem is that the presence of the poor and homeless have become so familiar people stopped thinking about them. We fail to see what the presence of marginalized communities say about us as a society – that our capacity to sleep well at night without gratitude for this luxury to lie on a bed, our ability to spend hundreds of dollars for something we don’t need, when others do not even have food on the table or roof over their heads, does not speak well of how we are shaping our humanity. Thankfully, there are people like Barbara Ascher and Barbara Ehrenreich who see the details of day-to-day life and awaken us to what we commonly ignore, that there are people who are not as fortunate as we are, and that we need to do something to help them. Why do we help the poor and homeless? Why should we help them? These are questions that Barbara Ascher explores in her essay, and here answers as astounding “…what compels this woma...

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