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how corruption and ethics is relevant to your essay?

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Questions on Defense

For writer who did #00021842 - Carol only PLEASE USE THE LESSON NOTES AND DEFENSE TERM PAPER The following is a series of questions based on your essay. Your written responses to these questions must be submitted by April 18, 2013. This assignment is worth 20 marks. I highly recommend that your answers reflect considerable effort. You will show your effort through critical thinking and analysis and not simply referencing from the course reading materials. The answers must be of sufficient length to demonstrate you have thoroughly considered the question. ALL QUESTIONS MUST BE ANSWERED Here are the questions. You must answer all questions 1.Explain how corruption and ethics is relevant to your essay 2. Lesson 3 of the course identifies several theories of fraud. Explain all of the theories and discussed which theories applies to understanding fraud committed. 3. Describe how the `halo effect` as described in the lesson notes could play a major role in financial losses for employees and stockholders of an organization. 4. Explain the influence of overconfidence or ‘hubris` of a corporate executive can influence his/her judgement and lead to fraudulent acts. 5. Explain how greed impacts personal and business ethics and has been seen as an influence on the erosion of morality within business. 6. Corporations are now operating in an environment of intense media, public and investor/shareholder attention. Explain the importance of corporate governance and implementation of best practices for corporate directors.
Questions on DefenseNameName of InstitutionName of ProfessorDate of Submission 1 Explain how corruption and ethics is relevant to your essayCorruption remains a central issue in corporate governance in the world today. It is through this ethically unwarranted activity that corporate have lost millions of dollars leading investors losing a great deal of investments. Stakeholders` such as employees` and suppliers` efforts to continue working with a corporate that is riddled with corruption almost always hit a snag and the overall effect is disastrous to the economy. Take for example a situation whereby supplier can no longer supply, this means that he or she can no longer pay his or her employees and can also no longer return taxes to build the nation. As a result of poor management of funds through non-ethical means such as corruption, the employee shall also have their source of income interrupted and no longer in the very sense be able to feed their families or provide basic needs altogether. The corporate riddled with corruption cases also leads itself into a ditch of public uncertainly and further financial crisis as later discussed in this essay (Griseri & Seppala, 2010).It is important to look at how ethical issues affect the day-today running of corporate as the results are potentially disastrous when some of the basic business values are not adhered to. We are well aware that as a result of the high level of corruption greed, personal and business ethics go low because there is basically no proper mechanism that can check the downward spiral of the business as it moves from one low to another with the top management fighting to swindle shareholders and other stakeholders while at the same time not caring about employees welfare.This shall in turn affect the overall confidence of people e.g. the general public, in the companies because they no longer view the business entity as performing ethically or using acceptable means to stay or run the business. 2 Lesson 3 of the course identifies several theories of fraud. Explain all of the theories and discuss which theories apply to understanding the fraud committed.A number of theories have been put forward in an effort to understand why individuals or corporate end up committing fraudulent activities even with the full knowledge of the fact that the activity they are about to commit is illegal and punishable by the laws in many jurisdiction around the country and the world. In order to understand the frauds committed by corporate we shall delve into the following theories of fraud, one after the other (Dyck, Morse, & Zingales 2010). * Differential Association TheoryThis theory explains that the more a person is exposed to certain activities especially activities that are illegal or unethical in nature the higher the possibility of the person taking part in the same activities. Fraudulent activities are no exception to this theory as it is suggested. If a person is often exposed in a social env...

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