Aug 11, 2017

How can one think positive when the matter is pessimistic?

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The association amid positive thinking with physical healing

Write a 10-page, 2000 word synthesis paper (excluding references) focusing on health psychology. Ideally, select a topic that aligns with personal and/or professional goals. To complete the paper, do the following: 1) Select a health psychology topic that aligns with personal and professional goals. 2) Include hypothesis and a review of the literature. 3) Incorporate a minimum of 10 outside scholarly resources including, but are not limited to, scholarly peer-reviewed journals, books, and websites. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is not required.
The association amid positive thinking with physical healingNameInstitutionThe association amid positive thinking with physical healingIntroductionThe association of positive thinking with physical healing is a topic in health psychology that aligns with personal and professional goals. It is extremely tough to think as well as maintain a positive attitude when a great number of people face matters in daily life that stop them from perceiving the optimistic side, and product of the condition. How can one think positive when the matter is pessimistic? For instance, encountering loss of a treasured one, or loosing their beloved job? Well, each human being`s brain thinks and operates differently. When one knows the supremacy of optimistic thinking, they can advance their life, not just in their private life, but also in their place of work (McCreaddie, 2001). To identify and comprehend the procedure of thinking optimistically one has to be within the correct mindset and truly believe that optimistic feelings do generate their reality, which happens to be their daily life.By altering the way one`s mind evaluates issues in life, the influence of optimistic thinking is capable of being the key to joy during life, besides a flourishing career. Positive thoughts are deemed a mental approach that confesses into the brain and assists people to create expressions and images in order to expand their development and success (Peale, 1959). When one has a positive mindset, their body generates positive power, which then engenders to the community around them. While in a place of work, if one is not an optimistic person, their colleagues will tend to avoid them. Thus, if one gives a positive approach towards their work and the people around them, more individuals will sense that optimistic energy that their body releases, and recognize that they are a pleasant individual to be in the company of (Center for Positive Thinking, 2003).The Purpose of this research thus, is to examine and analyze the concept of positive thinking on physical healing. To be able to accomplish this, the researcher has proposed one hypothesis: If positive thinking leads to physical healing, then people with optimistic thoughts will have a higher tendency of leading a healthy life as compared to people with pessimistic thoughts.Literature ReviewHow Positive Thinking operatesPositive thinking is considered as the discipline, which trains the person`s mind to modify a supposed reality by frequently making optimistic mental declarations (Peale, 1985). Though positive thinking tends to be positive, it involves brutal practicality beside a pledge to creating the finest out of whatsoever circumstances that come along. Sounds easy, however does it really work? Can the thoughts we have truly have an outcome on curing? Bodies do respond to the thoughts one creates. The mental or emotional condition influences the endocrine coordination. For instance, the feeling of terror is associated to adrenalin...

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