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how aware are we of the different language techniques in order to manipulate us

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Comparative Essay - Two Poems Essay


For my English Assignment at school (12th Grade), I need to write a comparative Essay (1000-1200 words) on the following two poems: 

- The Visit by Margaret Atwood 

- The Fat Black Woman Goes Shopping by GraceNicols

The essay should include (if applicable)- however this structure does not necessarily have to be followed: 

*quotations to support argument should be used

• Introduction: (already making comparison) 

o Authors

o Titles (+Subtitle)

o Dates 

o Text types

o *Purposes (how aware are we of the different language techniques in order to manipulate us) 

o * Audiences: 1 sentence about: Expectations about the two different audiences 

Always link back to purpose and audience in the following paragraphs 

• Themes: 

o Theme in text A

o Theme in text B

• Conflict within each of the texts:

o Conflict/ issue/ problem/question

o Resolution of conflict 

• Example (quotation) for text A

• Example (quotation) for text B

• Structure: 

o Paragraphs 

o Series of events?: narrative structure 

o Dialogue 

o Stanza 

o Posing a question and proposing an answer: informative structure 

• Character(ization): 

o How many characters ?

o Only narrator speaking to audience ? (give quote/ taste of the narrator: condescending, ironic, informative,…)

o Assumed characters?

• Ambiance: 

o Physical ambiance

o Psychological ambiance 

• Example (quotation) for text A

• Example (quotation) for text B

• Conclusion: 

o Effectiveness: have the authors achieved what he tried to do? 

I need the assignment by preferably tonight/ latest tomorrow morning 8am (Central European Time Zone, UTC+01:00). 

It is ESSENTIAL that the work is NOT PLAGIARISED as essay will be run through a plagiarism check (turnitin)


Student Name: Instructor: Course: Topic: Comparative Essay- Two Poems IntroductionThe poems ‘The Visit’ by Margaret Atwood and ‘The Fat Black Woman Gone Shopping’ by Grace Nichols is a contrast in the intended mode of delivery by the poets in communicating their message. Both poems are set in different locations; the one by Grace Nichols adopting an English setting with the other, by Atwood, adopting a general setting preferably her country-Canada. They use different styles and diction to communicate with the audience.Themes in ‘The Visit’ by Margaret AtwoodSurety of ChangeChange is inevitable as depicted by Margaret Atwood. She says in the first stanza:”Gone are the days when you could walk on water……., the memories are no friend,”. This ‘days you could walk on water’ signify the moments when one could do or anticipate greater things or accomplishments. “These days are gone...” depict the transition from the peak moments to lesser chances in life. The memories that remain only serve to remind you of what you no longer have. Atwood uses the memories as


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