Jan 22, 2018

how are values and drives related to each other?

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1.In Jules Henry’s view, how are values and drives related to each other? (Points : 1)

Values determine how people behave, while drives are ways of acting that are required by circumstances.

Values are what people care enough to follow through on, while drives are followed out of necessity.

Values are ideals that people do not necessarily pursue, while drives are the motives people actually pursue.

They are synonyms.

Question 2. 2.Which of the following best characterizes culture? (Points : 1)

A culture is a homogeneous system.

A culture can best be described as a simple listing of various characteristics.

A culture is a dynamic system.

Some cultures are dynamic, while others are stable.

Question 3. 3.Which of the following theoretical perspectives distinguishes cultural anthropology from other disciplines? (Points : 1)





Question 4. 4.Which of the following is true of a belief system’s influence on how people think? (Points : 1)

Beliefs have no relationship to feelings.

In every culture, some beliefs are set forth as proper ways of thinking.

Beliefs are controlled by reality, not by culture.

Individuals may freely deviate from others in their beliefs with no likelihood of punishment.

Question 5. 5.Sir Edward Burnett Tylor’s concept of survivals is best defined by which of the following? (Points : 1)

Cultural traits change the least because they are the means by which a society copes with its environment.

Primitive cultures have avoided extinction as more complex ways of life developed.

Evidence of major catastrophic events in the past.

Remnants of earlier social customs and ideas aid in reconstructing the evolutionary past of societies.

Question 6. 6.Which of the following best defines culture? (Points : 1)

Learned system of beliefs, feelings, and rules that organize people’s lives

The pattern of a people’s customs

A people’s rules for living, based on a pattern of legal concepts

Biologically predetermined behavior patterns

Question 7. 7.Ruth Benedict’s major contribution to the history of anthropology was which of the following ideas? (Points : 1)

Cultural traits have functions.

Ways of life are integrated wholes.

Cultures are dynamic.

Not all customs are functional.

Question 8. 8.Values are (Points : 1)

descriptions of what is true or false.

feelings about what is true or false about the world.

feelings about what should or should not be considered good or bad.

feelings about personal likes and dislikes.

Question 9. 9.Which of the following is NOT true of how children learn their culture? (Points : 1)

Acceptable behavior is often contrasted with unacceptable behavior.

Children observe and imitate others.

A sense of cooperation with outsiders is usually fostered.

Cultural knowledge is acquired through personal exploration.

Question 10. 10.According to Ruth Benedict, which of the following was true of Dobuan culture? (Points : 1)

They believed that all deaths were results of murder.

They exhibited great trust of one another, but were highly suspicious of strangers.

Among adults only husbands and wives felt trust for one another.

They believed that black magic was a rare cause of death.

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