Aug 03, 2017

How an effective compensation and benefit system contributes to organizational effectiveness

This paper concentrates on the primary theme of How an effective compensation and benefit system contributes to organizational effectiveness in which you have to explain and evaluate its intricate aspects in detail. In addition to this, this paper has been reviewed and purchased by most of the students hence; it has been rated 4.8 points on the scale of 5 points. Besides, the price of this paper starts from £ 40. For more details and full access to the paper, please refer to the site.

Holland Enterprises Compensation and Benefits

Final Paper Attracting and retaining the most talented employees is essential for long-term organizational success. An important component to attracting and retaining such employees is the design and implementation of an effective compensation and benefit system. Assume the role of a highly regarded human resource consultant hired to review, analyze, and revise the compensation and benefit system utilized by your city`s largest employer, Holland Enterprises. The firm employs 3,500 employees, but since 2007 has lost 25% of its staff. Exit interviews indicate the primary reason a majority of these employees have resigned is because of a compensation and benefit system that is perceived to be unfair and uncompetitive in the marketplace. Present to the management a revised compensation and benefit strategy. Your proposal should include a discussion of: • How an effective compensation and benefit system contributes to organizational effectiveness. • The principle components of your revised compensation and benefit system for a large-scale organization as well as a recommendation for each component. • A convincing argument to the already skeptical top managers of this organization to increase their compensation and benefit expenses. At a minimum, your compensation and benefit system would include the following components: • Compensation and benefit philosophy • Pay structure architecture (pay grades, pay ranges, and pay width) • Ratio of base pay to incentive (bonus) pay • Emphases on external equity or internal equity • Principle type of benefits to include (example: deferred compensation match, health insurance, vacation and sick leave, etc.) Guidelines for Writing the Final Paper • Paper must be six double-spaced pages in length, exclusive of Title Page, References Page, Appendix, References, Exhibits, etc. • Must address the topic of the paper with critical thought. • Must include an introductory paragraph with a succinct thesis statement. • Must conclude with a restatement of the thesis and a conclusion paragraph. • Must utilize a minimum of four scholarly references.
Holland enterprises compensation and benefitsName:Institution:Date:Retaining employees that are most talented and competent is very essential to have along organizational achievement. Therefore, a recommended component attracts and retains the employees. This component includes the implementation and design of a system of compensation and benefit that is effective. For hardworking and productive employees, it is advisable also that they should receive worthwhile payback. Holland enterprises experience this crisis where the number of employees is three thousand five hundred. However, twenty-five percent of the employees have fled due to the system that they claim is not competitive in the market and is unfair to them (Davis & Edge, 2004). As a Human resource consultant hired to analyze, review and revise the system of compensation and benefit in the company, there is, need to come up with a more competitive and fair strategy that will bring the employees satisfaction and enhance their performance. A philosophy that offers a competitive market is the best to use in a company like Holland Enterprises. The philosophy of compensation and benefits system should be based on the company`s mission. This is because each employee is important in providing and supporting safe and excellent patient care. The company`s objective should be to attract and retain talented and employees by its work environment, market aggressive compensation and benefits, career growth opportunities. All the career positions should be created based on vital purposes of the position described in the description of the work. There should be an efficient budget for salary payment. The budgets that dealing with salary increase should be based on the surveys of external market and Holland Enterprises` financial resources (Hewitt Associates, 1994).. The point of defining market is also a critical philosophy, as it is defined for each location based on features like the area that the employees are recruited...

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