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Homelessness in Canada

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Homelessness in Canada




The final paper will be expected to be 2,000 words and should demonstrate the ability to apply the material learned in this course plus the use of relevant secondary literature to analyze a topic related to health policy. Marks will be deducted if the paper is either shorter than 1,850 words or longer than 2,150 words. The word count is only for

the text, i.e., does not include the references. For each 50 words or part thereof outside this limit 5 marks (out of 100) will be deducted, e.g., if the essay is 2,190 words 5 marks will be deducted, if the essay is 2,230 words 10 marks will be deducted.


Essay structure:


Analytic papers are not just a description of what is in a policy. They are an analysis of the reasons why a policy exists and its strengths and weaknesses.


The essay should be structured as follows:

  • The essay has to deal with a current health policy question or a health policy issue and it has to be a Canadian question or issue.
  • A health policy question could be something like what is the best way of providing health services for new immigrants. A health policy issue could look at the same question from a different perspective, e.g., why are there difficulties in providing health services for new immigrants.
  •  Structure for a health policy question essay:

o Start off by stating what is the question that the essay will address, e.g.,

“This essay will examine how to provide appropriate health care services

to new immigrants.”

o The essay would then describe the policy or policies that have been developed about health care for immigrants, e.g., whether there are proposals or policies already in place to have special language services set up for them, whether there are proposals or policies already in place to have culturally appropriate health care available.

o Next would be a discussion of the strengths and weaknesses of the proposals or policies.

o Finally, in the conclusion, you should give your assessment about whether or not the policy that has been developed has been successful, a failure, partly successful, etc. and why you have come to that conclusion or


whether or not the proposals are likely to be successful, etc. and why you have come to that conclusion.

  •  Structure for a health policy issue essay:

o Start off by stating what is the question that the essay will address, e.g.,

“This essay will examine whether appropriate health care services are

being provided to new immigrants.”

o The essay would then describe the evidence about the quality of the services that are currently in place.

o Next, you should explain whether these services are appropriate or inappropriate and why you reached these conclusions.

o Finally, in the conclusion, you should say what you think the consequences are of the type of services being provided, e.g., “At present, the services leave a large number of people with health problems that are not being adequately dealt with.” You could also say what you think needs to be done to change the services but that’s not necessary.


If you use too many direct quotes, even if these quotes are properly attributed (see ACADEMIC HONESTY below), it will be hard to evaluate your writing style and whether or not you understand the material you are quoting. Too many direct quotes will therefore lead to a lower mark on your essay. In a 5 page essay there should not be more than a total of about one-half page of direct quotes.


Your essay MUST contain a minimum of 5 academic references. Newspaper and magazine articles may also be used but they are not considered academic material. Wikipedia is not considered an academic source.


Formatting requirements:


  •  Use subheadings
    • All papers must be submitted to TURNITIN. Instructions on how to do this will be given during the class
    •  Title page with the following 1) title of the paper; 2) your name; 3) my name;

4) course title; 5) date of submission; and 6) word count

  •  Printed on 8.5 x 11 inch paper
  •  12 point font
  •  Double spaced
  •  1 inch margins
  •  Spell-checked

Homelessness in Canada Name Course number Instructor’s name Date Homelessness in Canada includes the unsheltered, those under emergency shelter, the provisionally accommodated and those at risk of homelessness. The unsheltered live in public spaces and in areas that are unintended for permanent human habitation. Emergency shelter caters for vulnerable groups such as victims of violence, tragedies and overnight shelters for the homeless. The provisionally accommodated includes those living with others on an interim temporal basis, institutional care in jails and accommodation for refugees and immigrants. Persons that have insecure housing and face imminent homelessness fall in at the risk of homelessness category (Gulliver-Garcia, 2014).This essay will look at the homelessness in Canada. Emphasis shall be laid on analyzing how the homelessness situation has changed over the years. To accomplish this, it shall outline its causes and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses inherent in the policies that have been developed to address homelessness. It shall also make recommendations on what might help prevent this situation. Causes of homelessness The Canadian Homelessness Research Network and the Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness indicated that more than two hundred thousand Canadians are homeless at each given year and that thirty thousand people become homeless every day. They also indicate that fifty thousand homeless people fall in the hidden category o...

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