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Ho Chi Minh: The Speech in 1924 after WWI Analysis

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Ho Chi Minh: The Speech in 1924 after WWI Analysis


make points to support the argument, and back up the points with evidence from the sources. (See below for instructions on how to cite your sources.)


  1. What type of document is it: letter, court record, diary, newspaper, broadside, government record, interview, etc.?
  2. What was the origin of the document?
  3. Can the author be identified?
  4. When was the document created?
  5. For what audience was the document created?
  6. Why was the document created?


  1. Read through the document once to get a general idea of the content.
  2. Next, read the document more slowly. Divide it into smaller segments. What information does the document contain with reference to lifestyle, governmental affairs, historical events, economics, laws, beliefs, etc.?
  3. If the document is not dated, can you determine an approximate date from the information contained within the document?


  1. Is the information given in the document reliable? How do you know? If this were a longer research paper, what other sources could you use to verify the document`s accuracy?
  2. Did the author take part in the event or was he/she reporting what others had said? If s/he took part, how so?
  3. Did the author have a positive or negative interest in the events? How can you tell?

Determine Its Usefulness:

  1. What information from this document is useful for the development of your topic? Or, what argument about the document, author, event/s, or context can you begin to make from the document/s? Support the argument with evidence from the document/s.
  2. What does this information add to the development or analysis of your topic? How can incorrect information or a biased viewpoint be used in your analysis of your topic?
  3. What other questions or lines of inquiry does this document suggest?


Name Course Instructor Date Ho Chi Minh In “Report on the National and Colonial Questions at the Fifth Congress of the Communist International,” Ho Chi Minh, a Vietnamese anti-colonial nationalist gave a speech outlining his thoughts on anti-colonialism, communism and imperialism. The speech was made in 1924 after WWI where European colonial powers still ruled parts of Asia and Africa. Despite communist and left wing people in Europe holding similar views with anti-colonialists, their efforts were seen as being ineffectual. The fifth congress of the communist international (Comintern) was also held to bring together le


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