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HLS 625 Final Assessment

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HLS 625 Final Assessment


Please be sure to properly cite and document all work using APA format. Each of the following questions includes a proposed length, given as a range; this is designed to allow you treat the subject in the proper depth. FINAL ASSESSMENT Answer all eight (8) of the following questions: Identify and fully discuss the three major categories of computer crime. Within this section, be sure to discuss cyber espionage and cyber terrorism, their nature and effects. Your answer should discuss the origins and scope of these types of crime. (500 to 900 words) Discuss essential principles of information system security. What is privacy breach Incident response? How has current technology affected privacy? Describe the relationship between cryptography and information security. (300 to 600 words) Discuss and explain cloud computing, targeted attacks, hacktivism, and data breaches. (300 to 500 words) What are advanced persistent threats? Provide some examples, and describe their characteristics. (300 to 400 words) What are your reflections/findings from the Norton and Mandiant reports? (300 to 500 words) How has the increasingly high rate of change in technology affected your personal and professional life? Has this situation created more vulnerabilities and threat agents? Explain your answer. (300 to 500 words) Analyze the ethical and legal concerns related to spyware. (300 to 600 words) Discuss current events and emerging trends as they relate to cyber threats and vulnerabilities. (300 to 600 words) EVALUATION RUBRIC Consult the guidelines within the Final Assessment Rubric, found within the Evaluation Rubrics area of the course. WRITING RESOURCES The following links provide online writing aids to help you with your paper assignments. OWL (Online Writing Lab) at Purdue University Writer`s Handbook, the Writing Center at the University of Wisconsin–Madison APA Guidelines Documentation Rules and Citation Styles


Information Technology Security Institution Date Categories of computer crime Cybercrime refers to criminal act conducted through use of cyber-technology within the realm of cyber (Tavani, 2000). There are three broad category of cybercrime. Cyberpiracy which is the use of cyber technology in unauthorized ways to produce copies of software and propriety information and or distribute propriety information across the network. Another category is cybertresspass which refer to use of technology to gain or surpass unauthorized access to a computer system that can either belong to an organization or personal computer system or even access password protect website. The third category is cybervandalism. When an attacker uses cyber technology to release programs that impedes and interrupt the transfer of electricaldata across one of extra networks. They can also destroy data resident in the computer for damage in password protected website. Cyber espionage is the act of using cyber-technology to invade an organization, military or government network in order to obtain high level of intelligence without being noticed(Nye Jr, ,2010). Cyber espionage like spying on political enemies, governments, military and competitors for personal, economic and military advantage. Cyber espionage takes place through the internet and employs socially engineered software`s and malwares that enters the target system and rewrite th...

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