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HLS 615 Discussion: Department of Homeland Security (DHS)

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HLS 615 Discussion: Department of Homeland Security (DHS)


According to the article Homeland Security in America Past, Future and Present (Kemp, 2012), contends that since the attacks of the world trade center, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), several citizen assistance programs, and several support groups have evolved related directly or indirectly to providing homeland security functions. Describe and explain three of these agencies/programs/groups and academically express weather you feel these programs are critical and beneficial, and if so how. If you had to develop a program that is not listed in the article, what would it be?


HLS 615 Discussion Forum 1 NameInstitution Introduction Homeland Security of America is an organisation that was established to ensure the USA is safe from terrorism and other dangers, particularly when the interest of the nation and its aspirations are focusing. This is to ensure that the life of the Americans can thrive and minimise the vulnerability of the USA to t


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