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HLS 501 Assignment: The Fukushima Daiima Nuclear Disaster

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HLS 501 Assignment: The Fukushima Daiima Nuclear Disaster


Create an analysis of a situation in which a power plant or hazardous materials facility was damaged and shut down as a result of an earthquake or tsunam.
For this assignment, prepare and submit an essay of between 1,250 and 1,750 words (with a typical font and spacing this will be between 5 and 7 pages in length) identifying:
the type and origin of the natural disaster that caused the damage,
the magnitude of the damage, including structural damage and harm to humans and the environment,
agency response (governmental or private agencies) and ethical dimension
lessons learned and any resulting changes in regulations related to building code modifications, siting requirements, procedural changes, etc.
your opinion as to the effectiveness of any corrective actions taken to minimize the chance of recurrence.
Please cite at least seven (7) credible references. Much of this information can be obtained at local libraries and government offices; through government Internet sites and news articles; and from personal contacts with government officials. 
All citations included in your assignment must follow APA guidelines.


The Fukushima Daiima Nuclear Disaster Insert Name: Institutional Affiliation: Due Date: The origin and type of the natural disaster The Fukushima Daiima Nuclear Disaster was an energy accident that occurred at the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant. The cause of the accident was a tsunami that earthquake caused on 2011, 11th March (Kushida, 2015). The tsunami caused equipment failures, resulting in releasing of radioactive materials and nuclear meltdowns. Since 1986 of the Chernobyl Disaster, the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster was the largest nuclear disaster reported in the world. The magnitude of the destruction, structural damage, and harm to the environment and humans The Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant suffered severe damage from a magnitude 9.0 of the earthquake. The accident permanently ruined many nuclear reactors of the plant. People, who were living within the 30km distance surrounding the nuclear plant, were evacuated. The disaster caused massive radioactivity that contaminated 30,000 sq.km of the land surface including additional 200sq.km of the land located northwest of the nuclear plant. Yasunari (2011) opines that all individuals living in such regions were evacuated, and such areas were designated as permanent exclusion zones. The massive tsunami and severe earthquake struck the Pacific coastline of the eastern Japan. Six Fukushima Nuclear power plants were shut down. The external power of the plant was lost. The massive tsunami struck and damag...

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