Jul 22, 2017

Heat Transfer

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Project 2: Heat Transfer


Write an essay with examples on conduction, convection, and radiation with relevant references.

Heat Transfer Student:Professor:Course title:DateIntroduction Basic science teaches that heat is transferred through various ways. This is mainly dependent on the medium that is in place. The manner in which heat is transferred through the air is not the same way it is done through metals. The medium of transfer plays a major in determining among other things the length or period within which the heat is to be transferred (Siegel, 2011). Heat transfer occurs in three main ways. They include conduction, convection and radiation. This discussion looks at each of the three ways in which heat is transferred and gives examples of each method.Background Perhaps before discussing the various ways in which heat is transferred, it would be crucial to have some basic knowledge as far as heat transfer is concerned. The movement of heat and or transfer of heat take place from high temperatures to low temperatures. This means that it is objects with high temperatures that will transfer heat to those with low temperatures. Of importance to note as well is that transfers take place, there is usually a change in the energies that are found internally in both subject matters involved in the exchange.Conduction This the transfer of heat through the agitation of molecules found within a substance or material. During this form of transfer, there is no physical movement of the subject matter. Instead, it is the molecules within the subject matter that move causing the transfer. For example, if one end of a piece of metal is put under fire, it is only the end that is the fire that will get hot. However, gradually, the entire piece including the end that is not in the fire will eventually become hot. In this case, there is no actual movement of the metal pieces only one end is under fire. The rest of the metal gets hot as molecules from the one end agitate and move towards the cold end thereby spreading and transferring the heat (Mode...

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