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Healthcare Professional Nurse Leader: People Management

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Healthcare Professional Nurse Leader: People Management


The main elements of this assignment are: 
• a justification for my proposed ePortfolio structure based on how my professional role aligns with relevant industry standards or competencies
• a reflection on my current evidence-collecting practices
• three new written descriptions of my practice and reflections on my learning as examples of quality evidence 
Please find examples of healthcare industry standards and competency framework related to nursing and Australia (NSW) executive capability framework
Professional practice This relates to the professional, legal and ethical responsibilities which require demonstration of a satisfactory knowledge base, accountability for practice, functioning in accordance with legislation affecting nursing and health care, and the protection of individual and group rights.
Critical thinking and analysis This relates to self-appraisal, professional development and the value of evidence and research for practice. Reflecting on practice, feelings and beliefs and the consequences of these for individuals/groups is an important professional benchmark. 
Provision and coordination of care This domain relates to the coordination, organisation and provision of nursing care that includes the assessment of individuals /groups, planning, implementation and evaluation of care. 
Collaborative and therapeutic practice This relates to establishing, sustaining and concluding professional relationships with individuals/groups. This also contains those competencies that relate to nurses understanding their contribution to the interdisciplinary health care team
Communicate effectively
Present with credibility, engage varied audiences and test levels of understanding Translate technical and complex information concisely for diverse audiences Create opportunities for others to contribute to discussion and debate Actively listen and encourage others to contribute inputs Adjust style and approach to optimise outcomes Write fluently and persuasively in a range of styles and formats
Work Collaboratively
Build a culture of respect and understanding across the organisation Recognise outcomes which resulted from effective collaboration between teams Build co-operation and overcome barriers to information sharing, communication and collaboration across the organisation and cross-government Facilitate opportunities to engage and collaborate with external stakeholders to develop joint solutions
People Management
Manage and Develop People
Refine roles and responsibilities over time to achieve better business outcomes. Recognise talent, develop team capability and undertake succession planning Coach and mentor staff and encourage professional development and continuous learning Provide timely, constructive and objective feedback to staff Address and resolve team and individual performance issues, including serious unsatisfactory performance, in a timely and effective way Implement performance development frameworks to align workforce capability with the organisation’s current and future priorities and objectives 
Manage Reform and Change
Clarify purpose and benefits of continuous improvement for staff and provide coaching and leadership in times of uncertainty Assist others to address emerging challenges and risks and generate support for change initiatives Translate change initiatives into practical strategies and explain these to staff and their role in implementing them Implement structured change management processes to identify and develop responses to cultural barriers
Deliver Results
Drive a culture of achievement and acknowledge input of others Investigate and create opportunities to enhance the achievement of organisational objectives Make sure others understand that on-time and on-budget results are required and how overall success is defined Control output of business unit to ensure government outcomes are achieved within budget Progress organisational priorities and ensure effective acquisition and use of resources Seek and apply the expertise of key individuals to achieve organisational outcomes
Think and Solve Problems
Undertake objective, critical analysis to draw accurate conclusions that recognise and manage contextual issues Work through issues, weigh up alternatives and identify the most effective solutions Take account of the wider business context when considering options to resolve issues Explore a range of possibilities and creative alternatives to contribute to systems, process and business improvements Implement systems and processes that underpin high quality research and analysis


Nursing and Leadership Name: Institution: Course: Date: Nursing and Leadership Nursing is a complex field relative to the fact that the situations that most of the nurses encounter on a daily basis are quite demanding professionally and at the personal level. It is common for a nurse to encounter issues of cultural differences, medical errors, medical complications, health emergencies and personal or family issues all on the same day (Cna-aiic.ca, 2016). This means that, nursing tends to take a toll on the nurses whether young in the profession or experienced. While experience in some of the cases is very crucial, in some of the cases due to the dynamicity of the health needs in a mixture of legal, social and cultural needs, the nurse may have to develop different skills each time they encounter a challenge (National competency standards for the registered nurse, 2016). This is to mean, that, even though the nurse may have encountered a similar challenge before, each time, there are different details to the challenge that make completely unprecedented (Nursingworld.org, 2016). As a leader in the nursing field, it is important to take into consideration quite a number of factors that bring about professionalism in their teams. As a nursing leader one has to have the right skills that inspire others to work towards a common goal, such as quality patient care or quality patient outcomes. Ideally they have to possess qualities aligned with courage, integrity, proper c...

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