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Healthcare development is a major aspect of national development and it needs to be given priority by the government

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Healthcare development is a major aspect of national development and it needs to be given priority by the government. Many
hospitals have been established to ensure every citizen of this country gets
quality healthcare. For a hospital to be effective and efficient in providing
quality healthcare services, there are factors that it has to put in
consideration. The goals of the establishment will be core in determining the
way it will operate. Another important aspect to be put into consideration is
the hospital’s strategic plan. This is how the establishment will work in order
to achieve the set goals and objectives. A well-planned strategic plan will
elevate the changes of the hospital attaining its objectives and managing their
projects. In this research paper, all the aspects that contribute to the
success or failure of a particular given establishment will be explained (Alexander
JA, Weiner BJ, Griffith, 2006).

Jude children’s research hospital is my
choice of consideration. This hospital is one of the best healthcare facilities
that give priority to the health of children with cancer and other life
threatening conditions. They also conduct research on these diseases in an
effort to find cure or preventive measures to be taken. This establishment
ensures that all children are given quality healthcare. I chose this hospital
as it has developed a legacy in providing quality healthcare to children.
Research studies are conducted on every disease that they come across as they
treat their patients. This therefore, will ensure the patient will be given
maximum attention due to specialized healthcare and the presence of adequate evidence-based
research which can be used by the physicians in making rational decision about
the healthcare of the children (Cassel.J, 1976). The quality improvement plans implemented by
this hospital have worked to their advantage as it has elevated the percentage
of positive outcome for all the patients who come to that hospital. Therefore,
learning the plans laid down by this organization as well as their strategic
plans and the way they implement their QI strategies will be important for
other establishments to learn from them.

Sharing knowledge in public healthcare is
crucial as hospitals will be able to come up with new ideas on how to improve
their services. The strength of a healthcare provider is determined by several
factors such as its goals, vision and even the physical setting (Donabedian A,
1980). Apart from these internal factors, external environment is very
significant too. Funding has to be given priority as no hospital can
effectively work without adequate funds. This funding will also determine
whether research will be done or not. Therefore, government, private or
sponsored funds need to be available. The economy of the country will directly
affect the performance of that hospital (Donabedian A,

Quality healthcare in this hospital has
been linked to accreditation by relevant government bodies that ensure quality
of healthcare in every hospital in the country is above the standards stated.
The strategies put by the organization to market themselves to the public need
to be considered as a factor influencing its success. The public can only trust
the health of their children with a trusted hospital (Cassel.J, 1976). No one can let his/her child be treated in a
mediocre hospital in the name of healthcare. The establishment must earn the
trust of the public by providing the best healthcare services they can.


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