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Health Risks Involved in Hydraulic Fracturing

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Health Risks Involved in Hydraulic Fracturing


Your 2,000-word term paper must address a topic related to surface coal mining, hydraulic fracturing, or agro businesses. The topic should be tightly focused. “Hydraulic fracturing in America” is an example of a topic that is not adequately focused.“Hydraulic fracturing is bad” is another example of a poorly focused topic. Here are some topics that are appropriately focused:

“Health risks associated with hydraulic fracturing”

“Groundwater pollution resulting from surface coal mining”

The purpose of the paper is to present a point of view on an ecological issue, and to develop a point of view using appropriate data, examples, reasons, and/or evidence. This is not a summary paper of articles but an analysis.

Your paper will include about 500 words of background information. The remainder of the paper should deal with an analysis of the journals and conclusions based on the information from the journals. Begin the paper with an introduction, follow this with background information, then the analysis of the articles and finish with a conclusion. This paper is not simply a description of the articles.


Health Risks Involved in Hydraulic Fracturing Student Name Instructor Course Date Hydraulic fracturing is a technique used to drill natural gas where sand particles, millions of liters of water and some chemicals (a mixture of these comprise the fracking fluid) are pumped into the ground to aid in breaking the rocks apart to release the natural gas. The mixture is pressurized to enable the fracturing process with the bore formed being maintained by sand particles after the hydraulic pressure is released from the well. Hydraulic fracturing involves four key processes: Procuring the needed amount of water Construction of the well Stimulation of the well Disposal of resulting wastes In hydraulic fracturing, drilling is done past the water table into the coal bed, approximately 10,000 feet below the surface. The process involves pumping the fracturing mixture into the wellbore at a defined rate that would offer sufficient pressure to break apart the shale rocks. The size of the fracture formed is maintained by the introduction of a proppant like sand or ceramic grains that keep the bore formed open (a process referred to as propping) when the injection of the mixture into the ground is stopped. The rock (shale) being drilled into is usually impermeable necessitating the use of high pressures in the process (Bamberger, 2012). Therefore, the propped bore or fracture will form the permeable area to allow the passage of oil, gas and the fracking fluids into the well. The ...

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