Aug 02, 2017

Health promotion

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Health promotion

My programme is nursing, the article for the essay and guidelines is downloaded on additional files. The write up should be on Canadian health context.
Health Promotion: Childbearing WomenName:Course:Institution:Date:IntroductionThe diversity of Canada`s society resulting to her statutory commitment towards multiculturalism has welcomed new challenges in the healthcare system. Different age brackets of immigrants have been faced with varied challenges most of which are instigated by cultural and linguistic barriers. Young women of childbearing age from the Muslim community residing in Hamilton, Ontario constitute a significant percentage of the total population of minority immigrants. Serious concerns on the immigrants` maternity experiences and childcare have been raised with calls being made to ensure that medicals services are tailored towards user needs. Issues such as acceptability and accessibility to maternity care services have been seen as a contributory factor to the bad health care experiences of the young women. This paper will examine health challenges faced by Muslim women in age bearing brackets (>10 years), as well the right health care promotion initiatives such as equitable access to maternal care, which could be enhanced by a community nurse through capacity building. The issues will be addressed in four different stages.Community assessmentThe Canadian society, which is multicultural by nature, prioritizes commitment to equity in terms of access to healthcare services. Important to note is that many immigrants enter the country in relatively poor health status only to find a convergence in their health status within 10 years. Quite a number of explanations have been offered to demystify this scenario including acculturation, distrust in the western from of medication hence showing preference to traditional medicine, stress associated with relocation among others.Previous studies done on Muslim women living in Hamilton, Ontario have established that the rights and needs of the women are highly marginalized in family setups, legislation as well as in community levels. Socio-economic marginalization coupled with the subsequent marginalization of these women is exacerbated by pregnancy hence making maternity an area that should be given attention by those who are involved in enhancing health care for the immigrants. A preliminary review by Gina et al. in the article “Immigrant women`s experiences of maternity-care services in Canada: a protocol for systematic review using a narrative synthesis” established that immigrant women are disadvantaged in terms of maternity and child care services as compared to native born women. They established that immigrant women`s` chances of giving birth to a child with low birth weight stands at 43%. In case of pre-term delivery and prenatal mortality, the percentages are 50 and 60 respectively. This is no doubt a depiction of the way the health care system with regard to maternity and childcare has been crippled among the immigrants. A recent Canadian study confirms the above-mentioned trends in childbirth among the immigrants. Children w...

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