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Health and Safety Workplace

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Health and Safety Workplace


Individual Research Essay


“During 2013-14 NDTMS (National Drug Treatment Monitoring System) reported 114,920 clients aged 18 to 75 and in contact with structured treatment citing alcohol as their primary problematic substance. In addition, there were a further 34,237 clients aged 18 to 75 who cited alcohol misuse as an adjunctive problem to a range of other primary problematic substances. It is expected that these clients will have received treatment for their alcohol misuse alongside treatment for these other problematic substances.”  (http://www.nta.nhs.uk/ )


Please read the following scenario.

This is the story of Alexanda Johnson, a cook in an established primary school kitchen, known to friends simply as "Alex." Her employers once described her as an employee with great potential. Alex changed all that within a year.

Her managers began to notice that she would come in late for work smelling of alcohol; however her manager is not certain of how to handle the situation as there is no evidence on her to suggest she is drinking on the job.

Furthermore, Alex’s is a cook in the kitchen. The work has proven to be more stressful than normal as two members of the primary school’s kitchen staff are off on long term illness. This has created very stressful working environment for Alex.

Her managers would like to support Alex in whatever way they could, however there is no clear company policy on drinking/being under the influence at work.

They are concerned about Alex - her position as a cook in a primary school could potentially be hazardous with her drinking conditions, also herself as a person. She was once a highly valued team member, and most importantly, her working environment have become very stressful.

Her managers are also concerned about the school’s role in this situation. As an employer they have a legal and obligatorily responsibility for Alex’s wellbeing and also the wellbeing of other staff members and pupils alike within the school.

Task 1

Discuss the employers’ obligations and liabilities in respect to Alex’s ability to perform her job. You should make reference to health and safety legislation.

Task 2

As the School Business Manager (SBM – responsible for premises management, plays a role in recruitment and manages the non-teaching staff) for the school you have to deal with the immediate issue of Alex and also how best to avoid future issues.

Identify and evaluate HRM best practice strategies for managing alcohol and stress in the school. You should make reference to both formal and informal ways that employers might use to deal with this issue.


Name: Institution: Course Title: Instructor: Date: Health and Safety Workplace Introduction Human resources are needed for the success of the organization as they execute the assigned duties and functions. It is therefore important for the employees to submit their entire health and safety requirements to the human resource management (HRM) department in order to check on their optimum productivity. Employees have the right to have a safe and healthy working environment for them to perform their responsibilities as expected because their rights are observed by the management. Workplace health and safety is achieved by the organization through the implementation of measures that are preventing injury and illness in the organization. According to Hasle, Bager and Granerud (2010), HRM has the role of coming up with the prevention measures that protect the employee from dangers that are exposed to in the work place. Safety and health care for employees is also provided through the adhering of state and civil laws that are set relating to the labor ministry of the state. A friendly work place provides benefits for both the employees and the employer as violence relating to safety and health is reduced in the organization. Health and safety guidelines to help tackle a potential danger in the organization during daily operation for proper behavior in the workplace. In the scenario of Alexanda Johnson, safety and health measures are not appropriately considered for a friend...

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