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Has this course been effective in teaching you how to thinking critically? Why or why not?

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Practicing Strategic Thinking


This course is going to be different from any course you have taken thus far because the emphasis will be on actively developing your thinking. Everything we do in this class will be designed to help you become better and better at thinking. You will therefore not be asked to memorize information. Instead, you will be required to actively participate in class so that you can improve your thinking.

Think of learning about thinking as you would of learning a sport. To learn to play tennis, you would need to first learn the fundamentals of tennis at an elementary level and then practice those fundamentals during every practice session. The same is true in learning to think better. You must be introduced to the fundamentals of good thinking.

Then you must practice those fundamentals every day. Therefore this class has been designed with the primary purpose of helping you develop your thinking or reasoning skills. Why is this important? Because the quality of every decision you make will be directly determined by the quality of your reasoning abilities. In fact the quality of your life in general will be determined by how well you think in general.

Write a paper that is a self-assessment of your progress as a strategic thinker. Has this course been effective in teaching you how to thinking critically? Why or why not? This is an opportunity to provide positive input into future development of this course.


Practicing Strategic Thinking Insert Name: Institutional Affiliation: Due Date: Most people are not what they could be. They are less. We have great potentials. But most of this is dormant; most of this is undeveloped. Promoting development in critical thinking is similar to improvement in sports (for example in basketball) or in playing the guitar or saxophone. Thinking is unlikely to take place when a conscious commitment to learn is absent. So long as people take their thinking for granted, they do not commit themselves in the work needed for improvement (Cohen, 2007). Improvement in thinking needs a gradual process demanding commitment in learning and hard work. It is not possible for a person to become an efficient strategic thinker just because he has the will. To be an excellent strategic thinker requires changing habits of thought and this is a long-range task, occurring over weeks, months or years. The fundamental traits of a strategic thinker need an extended or extensive period of development. As far as concern, I am aware that there are stages needed for development as a strategic thinker (Cohen, 2007). Stage one is the unreflective thinker (at this stage, I might not awar


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